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Discover why we choose one romantic partner over another.

2017.05.21 18:57 CoachToughLove Discover why we choose one romantic partner over another.

Discuss the biological differences between men and women in regards to attraction.

2020.12.03 10:31 throwaway_21940506 Heavily Considering It

So here we go. I've been thinking about this for some time and I'm debating whether to move forward. And honestly I'm seeing some more pros than cons in my mind.
My wife (26f) separated from me (30m) on October 9th 2020 at around ~6:30pm. She came out to me as a lesbian, we continued living together for about 2 weeks and then she moved to the pacific north west with our dog to start her new life. She had a rough childhood, never really had the opportunity to figure herself out, and when we met we were both in dire straights. We met 7 years ago, and moved in together pretty quickly. From that point I hustled like crazy and worked my ass off, went from $13hr to $40hr in three years with my career path and stabilized our living situation to a comfortable point. By 2019 we were pretty much settled. Now I knew from the beginning that she identified as bi, and she told me around year 5 of our relationship that if anything every happened to me she would probably only date women from then on, so there was some writing on the wall here. On the day of our separated she sat me down, started crying and said "so I've been struggling with something about 'us' recently, and up until this point I haven't been able to figure it out, but I think it hit me today, I don't think I'm bi, I think I'm just gay". This revelation happened came about after she discovered the lesbian master doc, which helps women identify and come to terms with their homosexuality later in life.
She told me that as a husband I was the best there was, and that there was nothing I could have done differently to prevent this separation, and that if she was straight we would have worked out. She said I was the only person that ever made her feel that she could be loved, and that I was the most impactful person in her life, and that she was eternally grateful for how I changed her life so immensely for the better. She says I'll make someone very happy one day. I met her announcement with as much grace as I could muster, told her I would always love her, and that I would rather see her happy then have her live a lie.
I had a rough childhood, My ex-con uncle got physical with me in the woods and threatened to drown me, my dad was disabled horder in a family of horders who was addicted prescription narcotics and passed out through most of my formative years, my grandfather was a severely bipolar nut job who shoved me into walls, and my mom (who is fantastic) had to work all the time while pursuing school at night. I lost many of the horder family members young, it was at a rate of a death a year for about 6 years. I spent many days in the summer heat helping clear out storage sheds filled with the bullshit of deceased relatives. There's more to add, but I don't to waste time here.
I've always been a caretaker to people, I took care of my crazy grandfather 3 nights a week for 4 years, I took care of my brother while my dad was passed out, and for the last 7 years I've taken care of my STBX wife on the nightly, who had/has extremely severe anxiety. My friends would always came to me for advice. I have not taken good care of myself though, I have no desire to. I haven't been to the doctor in three years, I haven't been to the dentist in 5, I've needed glasses for some time but haven't done that. I don't really give a fuck about myself.
Now there was a lot of things in my marriage that people observed, and have stated since the separation, that were not good for me. Unanimously, in our shared friend group, I have been told the efforts witnessed between us as partners were a 90/10 split. Where I put in 90% of the effort and she put in 10%. Funny enough when people point this out i actually go to bat for her and defend her! And the compromises i made were not news to me. I knew. But the thing is for the first time in my life, I felt like I was building a family after my childhood family was torn apart from death and destruction within a 5 year span. Our Thanksgiving table went from 15 people down to 4 by the time all was said and done.
Here's the thing, I love this woman with every cell in my body. I gave everything I had, I was willing to pour every last drop of energy that I had to make her happy. And I did. And alas, the one thing I can't give is the one the one thing she wants, a woman. I'm devastated, I'm broken, food tastes like ash and nothing brings me happiness right now, and hasn't since the split. I feel without purpose.
I've been experimenting with cutting, and earlier tonight I wrapped a belt around my neck and pulled it taught for some time just to get an idea of what to expect incase I decide to go through with it. I've been thinking about this for about a month now. My brother had a revolver that I asked him to get rid of a few days ago, because I came close to grabbing it at about 3am last night. It would be over so quick that way you know? I really want to do this, if it wasn't for my mom and brother I would have just done it by now. I'm not even sure if that matters to me any more. I know its selfish, but I've rarely been selfish, I deserve the right to be selfish at this point. Not sure whether to leave a note or not.
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2020.12.03 08:41 Onlydinosaurs-Pro Motivation For Students: 20 Steps To Motivate Your Child To Learn

Motivation For Students: 20 Steps To Motivate Your Child To Learn
Motivate your child to learn well by using strategic ways of motivation for students that have been used by teachers and tutors alike.
This article also includes helpful resources and tactics, such as:
  • Suggested activities.
  • Identifying and cultivating the kind of motivation your child needs
  • Teaching resources you can find online, such as sheets, charts, videos, modules, etc.
  • Words of motivation for students that you can say to your child.
So, if you want to help your kid acquire the best motivation for learning despite boredom in online classes or school restrictions, make sure to read on and bookmark this post.
Let’s get started!

What is Student Motivation?

Motivation for students impacts their desire to engage in the learning process—it also involves the goals or reasons that cause your child’s participation or non-participation in learning activities. Your children may be equally motivated to work on a task, but the origin of their motivation may vary.
Let me explain further; universally, there are two types of student motivation for learning:

Intrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic motivation for children happens when your kids find the lessons enjoyable, and they love the sense of accomplishment when the tasks are done. Basically, they are intrinsically motivated for the activity’s sake and the learning it permits.

Extrinsic Motivation
Students motivation for learning happens extrinsically when your children perform a task IN ORDER TO acquire a reward, praise, or simply avoid negative consequences. These external motivators usually come in as fancy stickers, grades, candy or ice cream rewards, parents’ opinions, and teachers’ approval.
Now that we have reviewed these two types of motivation for learning, let’s talk about the different ways you can motivate your child to learn better, whether at school, home, or anywhere.

1. Make reading a habit.

Reading is such a vital key to learning. In fact, studies show that reading to young children has a direct causal effect on their academic life regardless of their home environment or family background. So, developing an atmosphere of reading in the classroom, especially at home, is essential.
If you want your children to develop a love for learning, instill in them the love for reading first. And, remember that more often than not, a child who struggles with reading also struggles with learning.
Suggested activity: read to your children (or with them) at least 20 minutes every day.
Resources: [BLOG POST] 10 books to help children to read and write
Words of motivation for students:
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

2. Find what interests your child.

As a tutor, teacher, or parent who wants to boost the motivation for learning in kids, make sure not to focus entirely on what you are required to teach or what you want to teach. Instead, find what interested your child—what intrinsically motivates them to learn more. Discover what your students need or want.
Are they interested in prehistoric animals? Animatronic dinosaurs will interest them! How about dragons and other animals, whether fictional or real? Animal puppets will surely catch their attention!
Suggested activity: Expose your children to different educational experiences and pay close attention to the activities they choose. Then, to talk to them and ask them what they like most about the activity. Once you figure out their interests, make sure to incorporate such into each learning activity.
Resources: [PDF] Child Interests Activity Checklist
Words of motivation for students:
“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” Alfred Mercier

3. Cultivate your child’s learning styles.

A children’s motivation for learning is often driven by their learning preferences or styles. While some kids may have a primary learning style, others learn well while using a mix of several different learning styles.
Now, remember that learning styles are unique to each child. So, there isn’t one right or wrong style. However, helping your kid discover his or her preferred learning style will also help you motivate your child to learn more and learn better.
Here are the eight fundamental learning styles:
  • Visual – spatial learners prefer visual presentations.
  • Auditory – aural learners prefer listening to information.
  • Verbal – linguistic learners enjoy wordplay and rhymes and talking about the lesson.
  • Physical – tactile learners learn better when they interact with things physically.
  • Logical – analytical learners often look for trends and patterns in what they learn.
  • Social – these learners gain more insight with social interactions.
  • Solitary – solo learners thrive better when they study alone.
  • Natural – nature learners do best when they interact with Mother Nature.
Suggested activity (for each learning style):
  1. Watch an educational movie with your children, such as a dinosaur movie for kids.
  2. Speak out poems or words in rhymes with your child.
  3. Group discussion or class presentation
  4. Exercise activities, basic sports, dancing, acting, drawing activities
  5. Problem-solving activities
  6. Different team building activities, group games and discussions
  7. Journaling activities, writing essays, individual learning activities
  8. Outdoor trips or classes outdoors, “hands-on” experiments
Resources (for each learning style):
  1. Visual aids, charts, photographs, tables, graphs
  2. Audiobooks, music instruments, poems
  3. Role play scripts, famous speeches
  4. Ball, bicycle, drawing materials
  5. Simple to complex math problems, puzzle pieces
  6. Q and A items, game materials for groups
  7. Reward items for individual accomplishments
  8. Pictures of nature, a documentary about nature or planet earth
Words of motivation for students:
“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wooden

4. Ensure that the learning objectives are clear to your child.

Students can quickly lose motivation and even get frustrated to behave in class, perform a task, or finish an assignment if your objectives for the lessons are not defined clearly. Learning motivation for children and even older students involves making sure that they know what is expected of them so that they can stay motivated to learn and work.
Suggested activity: Before each lesson, set clear objectives, expectations of students, and rules so that your kids won’t be confused, and they will have clear goals to work towards.
Resources: [MODULE & SHEETS] Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
Words of motivation for students:
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C.S. Lewis

5. Keep the lessons fun and engaging for your kid.

Besides knowing your child’s interests and learning style, you can make the learning process engaging and fun by leveraging game-based learning—it is one of the most effective educational tools that allow the development of non-cognitive skills while paving the way for more in-depth learning.
Most importantly, games boost the students’ motivation for learning as their minds experience pleasure and competitiveness while learning new things.
Suggested activity: At least once a week, play board games with your children—ones that have an educational value.
Resources: Chess board, Scrabble, Monopoly, Puzzle Pieces
Words of motivation for students:
“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” Nina Dobrev

6. Remember the EVC model.

EVC stands for Expectancy – Value – Cost—this model will help you motivate your child to learn and predict your child’s behaviors towards achievement while in the learning process.
Expectancy defines your child’s expectation in succeeding when a task is assigned—this motivates the students as they feel empowered to meet and even exceed the learning objectives.
Value defines how the students perceive the importance of engaging in the learning process or participating in a task—it brings meaning to what needs to be done because your kid understands why the tasks are valuable.
Cost defines the hurdles that prevent the children’s capacity to succeed on a certain task in the learning process. While some kids expect to succeed, others might see obstacles which could decrease student motivation.
Suggested activity: Before letting the student perform an academic activity, consider asking the following questions:
  • Expectancy – Can my student do the task?
  • Value – Does my student want to do the task?
  • Cost – Are my students free of hurdles that prevent them from investing their resources, time, energy, attention to the task at hand?
Resources: [MODULE] Free Learning Activities for Kids
Words of motivation for students:
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

7. Keep encouraging your child and offering incentives.

Students thrive in positive reinforcement and approval from parents, teachers, and tutors alike. Your kids will become more motivated to learn if they feel that their work is valued and recognized.
So, encourage your students to think freely and communicate openly, and make sure to praise them often and acknowledge their contributions. A “great work” or “job well done” can go a long way in motivating your child to learn.
Also, offering your children small incentives can make the learning process more fun and motivating—think about incentives that can range from small to large, and don’t forget to give a special privilege to an exemplary student.
Suggested activity: Conduct a recitation activity and make sure to utilize positive reinforcement and words of affirmation.
Resources: 50 Things You Can Say To Encourage A Child.
Words of motivation for students:
“Strive for progress, not perfection.” Unknown

8. Let your kid practice autonomy.

Autonomy can boost students’ motivation for learning—by giving them freedom of choice, you can tap better on their interests and allow them to perform well according to their learning styles. Practicing autonomy can include letting students have a voice in their seating arrangement, choosing their group members, or selecting a few choices in a list of homework.
Suggested activity: List several activities you can do for the day and let your children choose a few according to their interests (e.g., list 10 science experiment options and let your child pick 5).
Resources: [MODULE] Developing Responsible and Autonomous Learners: A Key to Motivating Students.
Words of motivation for students:
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.” Dr. Seuss

9. Change the scenery once in a while.

While the classroom or study room is an excellent place for learning, sitting at a desk every day can make the learning process a bit uninteresting for some learners. So, make sure to jazz it up a bit by allowing your students to learn outside of their classroom or study room.
If possible, take your kids to field trips and amusement parks, conduct experiments in the garden, or go to the library for research.
Suggested activity: Depending on the current lesson, schedule a field trip activity at least once a month.
Resources: [BLOG POST] 49 Fun & Educational Field Trip Ideas
Words of motivation for students:
“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

10. Give your children responsibility and allow them to work together as students.

Assigning tasks to your kids, such as classroom jobs is a great avenue to build camaraderie which boosts the students motivation for learning. Contrary to adults’ belief, young students find classroom responsibilities as a privilege instead of a burden. So, most of them will work hard and make sure that their classmates are also meeting your expectations.
Also, allow your children to work together and take turns in leading the activities assigned to them as a group.
Suggested activity: Create a plan that will grant responsibility to the kids, such as household chores, classroom activities, and group projects.
Resources: [CHARTS] Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts
Words of motivation for students:
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller

11. Set high but attainable goals for the kids

Learning motivation for children also requires pushing them to do more than the bare minimum. If you don’t, your students won’t also seek to push themselves on their own. So, set high but attainable goals because children love challenges and will most likely work better to meet high expectations so long as they are convinced that the goals set are within their reach.
Suggested activity: Goal setting with your kids.
Resources: [ARTICLE] Goal Setting for Students, Kids, and Teens
Words of motivation for students:
“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Anthony Robbins

12. Make sure to provide constructive feedback and give lots of room for improvement.

Children who are struggling in class may find motivation for learning scarce, and they often become frustrated. If this happens, it’s vital that you, as the parent, teacher, or tutor, provides constructive feedback that will help them effectively progress in the learning process.
Teach the kids where they went wrong and what they can do to improve next time, and make sure that you give them lots of room for improvement.
Suggested activity: Once a week, conduct a mini-coaching session with your child so that you are up-to-date on where he or she is, not just academically, but also emotionally and intellectually.
Resources: [BLOG POST] 20 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning
Words of motivation for students:
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

13. Leverage role models

Learning motivation for children includes seeking role models who will help them see the relevance of each subject matter. A study shows that students find a teacher as their role model who makes them more interested in learning science.
Now, remember that role models can vary from one child to another due to differences in age, social circles, and gender.
Suggested activity: Once in a while, explain to your child what a role model is and ask them who they look up to as a role model and incorporate that person to his or her learning process.
Resources: [BLOG POST] Introducing Kids To Positive Role Models
Words of motivation for students:
“Pick your role models wisely.” Lana Del Rey

14. Take advantage of peer models

Using peer models can also be an excellent motivation for learning. Children learn when they see their peers succeed at a task—peers can also be their co-students or anyone who the child identifies with, and are usually drawn from groups according to age, gender, clothing styles, ethnicity, achievement level, and interests.
Suggested activity: Ask your kids who their peers are and what they like about them, and let the children discover the positive attributes of their peers that they can use in their achievement.
Resources: [BLOG POST] 10 Things To Teach Your Child About Choosing Friends
Words of motivation for students:
“Be careful of the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” W. Clement Stone

15. Encourage your kid to exercise.

Exercise activities help boost learning motivation for children by releasing pent-up energy that usually leads to a loss in focus when studying thereby making the child frustrated. Teach your kid that regular exercise or play time outside under the sun improves overall well-being.
Suggested activity: Each day, allow your child to have plenty of physical activities before he or she gets on her desk to study—a quick walk around the block or some interactive fitness video games.
Resources: [VIDEO] 10 Fun Daily Exercise For Kids To Do At Home
Words of motivation for students:
‘Action is the foundational key to all success.’ Pablo Picasso

16. Create a study plan with your child.

Student motivation for learning demands structure. So, a concrete and strategic study plan is necessary to ensure that your child is on track. Involve your child when creating a study plan so that you can make sure that he or she taps on his or her interest and learning styles. Also, this is a great practice of building learning autonomy.
Suggested activity: Once a week, sit down with your kids and create a study plan for homework, exams, and other subjects your children may find a little bit difficult.
Resources: [PDF] Study Timetable Template
Words of motivation for students:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

17. Allow an easy study time and environment.

Besides giving proper study time breaks, you can motivate your child to learn and study more by providing him or her with everything necessary to get the job done well, such as a quiet space, food and drink, the right tools (i.e., a calculator, papers, eraser, pencils, etc.)
Suggested activity: Every day, check on your children and ask them if they are comfortable with the space you provided for them to study and if they need anything else to help them focus or learn better.
Resources: [IMAGES] 60+ Study Room Ideas for Kids
Words of motivation for students:
“Motivation is what sets you in motion, habit is what keeps you going” Jim Ryun

18. Build a reward system that will excite your child.

Reward systems are a huge help in the students motivation for learning. Besides offering incentives which can be given anytime, reward systems are a structure that your child can look forward to or get excited about after completing challenging school work or homework.
Suggested activity: Once study time is complete, allow your kids to play video games or watch TV or collect points that they can use for something special.
Resources: [PRINTABLES] Reward System for Kids
Words of motivation for students:
“‎Determination, effort, and practice are rewarded with success.” Mary Lydon Simonsen

19. Help your kid cope up with stress through encouraging conversations about thoughts and emotions.

Stress is inevitable, especially in formal education that nowadays are going online. Motivate your child to learn by helping him or her limit stress. Stressed children find it difficult to find the motivation and focus on studying or learning anything. Talk with your kids and ask them about their thoughts and emotions, not just towards their academic life but their life in general.
Suggested activity: Each night, allow your child to de-stress and talk about possible activities to do during study breaks or after study time, such as listening to music, playing some board games, coloring a book, or going for a short walk with the dog.
Resources: [ARTICLE] How to Help children and teens manage their stress
Words of motivation for students:
“Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs.” Russell Eric Dobda

20. Track your child’s progress.

Motivation for learning requires tracking progress because, often, children find it difficult to track their progress or see how far they have come, especially when they encounter difficult subjects. Progress tracking can be used by teachers, parents, and even students so that each one can visually perceive how much the kid is learning, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
Suggested activity: Every week or after each month, sit with your child and discuss their progress on learning—talk about areas that need improvement, and, most importantly, recognize their strengths.
Resources: [VIDEO] How to Create a Progress Tracker With Google Forms and Google Sheets Pivot Tables
Words of motivation for students:
“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan


Did You Find These Student Motivation Steps Helpful?

If you find these steps to motivate your child to learn very useful, don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can access it readily, anytime (we’ll update this post as much as we can). Also, feel free to share it with your family and friends—help them boost their kids’ motivation for learning!
For more interesting posts, feel free to explore our blog.
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2020.12.03 08:21 toxikshadows Finished Season 2 Episode 4 and I have some thoughts (Spoilers up to S2E4)

So my brother, mom and I decided to check out Virgin River a couple of weeks ago. I'm definitely the biggest romance fan of the family, while my mom and brother can lean into it and get invested but don't really expect a high quality show. I thought season 1 was good- enjoyable enough, but I probably wouldn't have kept watching if I wasn't watching it with others. But season 2 is a little wackier in my opinion. I get that there's always suspension of disbelief, but sometimes the characters act insane and it's just not the most interesting.
Anyway as far as predictions I think something will definitely be up with Charmaine's pregnancy. As an avid romance reader, it seems most likely that something is going to happen with either 1) the kids not actually being Jack's 2) Charmaine dying in childbirth or 3) the kids dying in childbirth. I just don't see Charmaine and the kids surviving as it would infringe on Jack and Mel's happily ever after.
I hope ice princess Lizzie comes around and gets a bit of a redemption arc and Ricky gets the girl. I love ice princess heroines with more awkward heroes but I also hope Lizzie doesn't become too much of a snake because I really don't want Ricky to get hurt.
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2020.12.03 01:17 Ok-Zookeepergame1298 Am I 30f, being unreasonable with veteran bf 40m

So, I'm not sure where to start here. I'm hoping by reading this post to myself afterwards, that I will gain some clarity about what I should do .....
Together for almost two years. When we first got together, I moved in after dating for a little over a month. 40m bf had a house he was renting with his daughter who happened to go to my son's school (how we met). At first it was great (as usual, I get it) and I was ecstatic to build a future with him as we had been friends for a short while before we declared our feelings for each other. We moved quickly and I felt comfortable with this pace as I was confident that we were well matched. Until this relationship I was a single mom to my two children who were estranged from their father due to his life choices (another story there). I was extremely hesitant to engage at first but soon fell entirely in love and inspired to take a leap of faith.
Soon after moving in (maybe a month), I answer the front door and receive a notice from his landlord. He was already over a month behind in rent and was served papers to appear in court. He admitted he was struggling after leaving a job recently. We were both door dash drivers at the time so, instead of seeing this as a character flaw or a potential red flag, I took his apology and had a "we will get through this together" attitude. At the time I had left my apartment behind as I was living terribly, no heat, barely working bathroom, terrible rodent problem, etc slumlord blah blah blah. I still continued to work to pay that apartment off, while working even harder to help us stay in his home. I finished out my lease. Paid up. Meanwhile, my kids father was doing better and we were working on visits every other weekend. Kids father also met someone and APPEARED to be doing well for himself. Also, bf truck was repoed a week after I received notice about the house.
Ultimately, (skipping painful details, car broke down, no income) we were unable to afford to stay and ended up homeless. HOMELESS. I asked my childrens father to care for my kids while my bf and I stayed in an air bnb in a revamped refrigerated box and busted our asses working nearly 24 hours a day between the two of us in order to afford another place. BTW, bf receives disability. He's a vet. Afghanistan. Even with his monthly $, we couldn't afford to stay in the home. We used this $$ to get the air bnb. It became a day by day income type of situation. Eventually I was able to pull some strings with connects I had while doing volunteer work for our kids school program, and we were granted assistance to move into a home to rent. Its also a dump btw but we were just happy to have a place of our own.
I come to find out that my children's father was doing much worse than I expected and their stay with him (about 2mos) proved my worst fears (dv, alcoholism) In January of this year, I had to get a restraining order to override parental rights. He had been driving around drunk with the kids in town. 😣😣😣
Since the beginning bf and I have had to overcome huge financial obstacles. All while we were doing door dash, Uber, Lyft etc. I chose this profession, because it afforded me the extra time I wanted to spend raising my young children. (Now 5 and 7, his is 5 too). Time came for full time school for the youngers in Sept 2020 and I looked forward to this time as I would finally feel ready to seek fulfilling employment or start my own business as I've always intended for this year ( ha ha 2020). Kids have been at home for school because 2020. (Do you really need any explanation lol)
Since the pandemic started, our work has slowly come to a near halt as there has been wayyy more drivers out there due to loss of jobs etc.
We are finding ourselves in this situation again. Bf was in a car accident 3 weeks ago and my car that I had just bought in April, after months of paying an insane rate for a rental all during homelessness. Car is totaled. We are now paying insane rates again due to a terrible choice on my part not to pay extra for rental coverage to save a few dollars monthly.
I decided recently to pursue working on my business in my free time as there's been much more of it, and have also become close friends with my neighbor, a great friend. I usually hang out after the kids are in bed so her and I can talk over our short backyard fence maybe a couple times a week. I have also been seeing a counselor regularly to work on my own mental health. Its been a journey.
I recently redid my resume and started applying for other jobs, recognizing that our financial situation would get better if one of us was getting a regular paycheck. We've split the bills to where he's paying $1350 rent and I'm responsible for everything else. Ive struggled to keep up with my half, which includes groceries, car insurance, elec, gas, cell phone, internet. There has been times where he's paid a bill for me, but I made sure to pay him back asap. Quarantinewhile, he's continued to pay rent later and later. He intends to cover it with his disability but when the day comes hes always short, thus we now have a contentious relationship with our landlord. I can never fully account for where his money is going as we have separate accounts. Also he medicates with that which is green and fluffy (hehe). As do I. Both for separate issues surrounding PTSD.
I've been feeling like he's not that into me. And yes, I get that this may be coming from a place of insecurity and it is. I'm no longer feeling secure in this relationship. I feel as though he's been with me to avoid being alone. He never compliments me or says he's proud of me. He has ZERO interest in anything I try to show him ie videos I think are funny, anything to do with my business. I don't need him to think I'm the most beautiful or the most intelligent or the most sexy. I'm just looking for some kind of intimacy that is not forthcoming. Even the sex is sparse. I think, Can't you just pretend that you're interested, even to spare my feelings? I mean I watched all of GOT, all of the star treks, and so on because I know he enjoys these things. Ive come to enjoy delving into his taste in things. Quality time is spent doing what he wants to do. Which is usually watching movies at our desks that are next to each other's as we no longer have furniture due to space. There's some TLC. Its not alll bad. But right now it's feeling that way. Also, he never wants to do anything with the kids. I try to have movie nights but everyone has to sit there absolutely quiet.
All this, while we struggle. I tried to tell him today that I don't feel like he's being very supportive and he blew up on me. Says I always blame him for everything. Says that he won't go get a job where he's working for someone else again. And is waiting for a settlement which is now in litigation, for him to start his own lil business. I told him that I want to try and achieve these things by following a stricter budget. One that is more transparent. He brought up that we now have full custody and says that I need to compensate for that. I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. He seems resentful to have to care for them and has once said that if I want help with them that I should hit up their deadbeat dad. He said I always say that he's ultimately a bad person or a piece of shit (I've never said that). Ive pointed out that he's using these phrases to deflect from the real issue and he gets even more upset saying that I am not a psych doctor. He sd today that I've left him on am island to deal with our finances because I recently (in the last month or so) made a friend of my neighbor and will spend maybe two nights a week visiting with her, once the kids are asleep. Usually if I'm spending time with him, it's at our desks watching whatever he wants to watch, or I'm sitting here doing my own thing and we speak periodically. Btw our desks are two feet apart.
He said he wishes he would've just died in the recent car accident. Also was yelling that obviously I deserve better than him and he is going to go live in a shelter next week to get back on his feet on his own.
Anyone can see this is a cry for help, or no? I'm so torn. I don't know all of his experiences in the war, but I know they've obviously effected him. I don't want to walk away from this man that I love dearly, denying him the love I feel he deserves despite his mental wellness. I don't know what to do here. He was the one who told me I needed counseling and I contacted a doc right away and started treatment. I'll be the first to admit that I'm traumatized by own experiences in my life until this point. I've been struggling with my own wellness but I feel I have made huge strides over the last year. I am no saint, but I've definitely set some boundaries for us as far as respectful treatment esp during conflict. He refuses to respect those boundaries and will yell and belittle me verbally during confrontations that began as conversations.
I hope that there's a vet out there who can help me to help him. He's never spoken like that to me and I'm afraid for him. My heart breaks for him. I just want to help but I'm not sure if I can being that I have my own issues and he's not forthcoming with me about his feelings in most instances. I've expressed that I just want to hear how he feels, even if it's hurtful and he agrees but continues to close me out.
Please, share your stories here about reintegrating back into society. Ive seen this struggle with so many vets and I feel so sick to think of what will happen to him if we break up.
Thank you for reading this. I hope everyone hugs their loved ones that struggle in these ways today. I hope that some of you have found peace. I hope that he can too. 🥺
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2020.12.02 23:16 mccaly How Blush and Bar builds trust for users to buy jewelry online

Hey Everyone, I recently spoke with Daniel Wesley, the owner of Blush and Bar about the things that have worked (and things that haven't) about running an online jewelry business: how they vet manufacturers, building trust with users, UA channels, etc.
You can read the full transcript below and you can also get the audio here.
Just a heads up - I'm not the owner of Blush and Bar, I just did the interview with Daniel. However if you have any follow up questions I'll obviously try and be as accurate as possible. I'll also be directing Daniel to this post.
Company: Blush and Bar
Product: Small dollar jewelry in the ‘mestige’ (mass market luxury) market
Founded: Company was acquired in 2019
Sales channels: 100% online
Location: Tampa, FL
Team: 1 FTE + virtual assistants + 1 subcontractor
Revenue / month: $150k
Gross margins: 65%
What is Blush and Bar? Blush and Bar is a business I acquired back in 2019. It's a small dollar jewelry business, with an average order value of about $90.
What got you interested in selling jewelry through eCommerce channels?
I come from the lead generation space and wanted to have a brand for the very first time. With lead generation we are the people who facilitate the transaction or master the handoff; we would have no lifetime value component and no full funnel visibility.
So I think the macroeconomic forces of something with the ubiquity of jewelry and full funnel visibility is what led me to e-commerce
Was there a specific reason you decided to purchase Blush and Bar rather than another online jewelry brand?
I was looking for a good opportunity with good momentum and obviously needed to consider the acquisition cost [if I could] run the business. I think it was a very unique name. The name Blush and Bar has a good interplay between feminine and masculine.
Did you use your own cash for the purchase and how do you think about financing going forward?
This is completely bootstrapped. I've had a couple of exits so I used those proceeds to acquire Blush and Bar. Going back to 2003, I've had a business that I bootstrapped to an exit and then another business that exited with the aid of a private equity firm.
I've seen both sides and I think in the future it is possible to do another joint venture with probably more of a venture firm than private equity, but I think it is a possibility down the road.
How do you think that capital would be used if you were to raise it? Inventory, R&D, testing marketing channels?
It's just myself doing this. I'd love to build out a more formal type of setting and have a few folks that are dedicated to the cause.
I think the biggest ones would be human resources and multichannel syndication. We'd love to expand more aggressively into Amazon and especially getting accepted into Walmart. We'd love to really get aggressive on multichannel syndication.
My presumption with a product like jewelry is the quality of the components are important. How do you go about filtering your manufacturers and suppliers?
One of the biggest keys for me in any relationship I enter is really trying to set the right expectations from the get-go.
A new manufacturing partner has to have an understanding of what's expected of them. It's just going to be best for both parties longer term if the scope is very clear and concise. Every business organization is different and you definitely can't have a one size fits all.
Do you have a process about how you evaluate new product lines with your manufacturer?
Just a month prior to the pandemic we were converting our supply chain model from drop shipping to owned inventory. So we went through the process of sending them physical samples and the manufacturer then created lookalikes, shipped those to us for inspection and then commissioning the actual production.
How did you filter who'd be a good vendor for you, especially for logistics since small products like jewelry can be easily misplaced?
You know, we found a website called Sourcify. It wasn't very easy finding sources, a supplier or the right manufacturer. We were just kinda lost until we found Sourcify.
What user acquisition channels have you found to be most powerful?
This lies right in my core competency. For me, the most successful has been organic search. I think in my lifetime I’ve generated over $50 million in organic revenues, and I've always had the philosophy: ‘if you can pay for it, why don't you try to rank for it?’ I think the duality with having an organic SEO approach is in order to really generate organic traffic you have to create value. So for me it's a two for one if you have to put something together that is going to create a valuable user experience and at the same time I'm going to get an evergreen asset.
We accomplish through content, which is kind of the coined currency of the web and that concept builds trust. Obviously we know relationships are built on trust and trust is the primary driver of revenues. With organic traffic, I think the perception is that the cost sink is very expensive but one of the key takeaways is that it's only paid once and then that becomes more annuity in nature. So I’m a huge fan of organic search.
What is your current UA cost?
The KPIs we focused on are repeat customer rates and really trying to understand those LTV to CAC ratios. How many people that we acquired for $90 day one, what do those folks look like at day 30, day 60 and day 90?
We've really had to focus on the deferred lifetime value aspects because those front end acquisition costs are wildly expensive. I guess around $80 or so has been the average CPA.
Have you found any UA channels to be a flop?
Influencer marketing. I believe it’s just saturation. Everyone today is an influencer. The lines between ad and authenticity are blurred.
Only 1% of millennials say that a compelling advertisement would make them trust the brand more. I'd argue 1% of non-millennials would probably say the same thing. We always find a way to make lemonade out of lemons. One thing we did get out of that was perpetuity rights to the content.
We've had great success repackaging and slicing and dicing that influencer content to new Facebook ads. So not all was lost, but certainly I just thought with our product and the platforms, such as Instagram, this would be a silver bullet. It's been more of a challenge.
How have you convinced people that eCommerce is a great channel of buying it rather than going into a physical store?
We just launched a new virtual try-on tool. It certainly doesn't replace the ability to try it on, but you can take any one of our rings, put them on a kind of a demo hand and at least get some kind of idea of how they would look or how they would stack.
The other thing is a risk reversal. We do stand behind our products and we offer a 60 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Essentially any issue that someone would come across, it's our goal to fix it.
My mind immediately went to Warby Parker's initial process of having 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home. Would that work for jewelry as well?
It's something we're looking at. We've actually had many, many conversations with a company called BlackCart and gone as far as integrating them and trying to figure out the user flow and model. There's definitely potential to increase average order value and allow consumers to get what they want by giving essentially zero up front risk.
eCommerce companies live and die by their margins. What has the biggest impact on your margins and how do you try and solve for that?
Exchange rates have been a challenge. 10% of orders the consumer essentially picks the wrong size. So as part of our risk reversal, we not only offer lifetime warranty and 60 day money back guarantee, but we also offer free returns for resizing. So those costs add up and no matter what we do we’ve just had a hard time controlling that.
I would say our defect rates are within normal e-commerce jewelry type of percentages. So we've been fortunate there, but one that just feels like we could solve is the resizing.
How has Covid-19 affected the business? The clearest, most immediate impact of COVID was really just disruption to all the components of our supply chain. From sourcing, to demand planning, inventory to fulfillment. It will take us years to recover, but, I'm glad to say we are much better off today, but still nowhere near pre-pandemic.
Talk me through some of the tools that you guys use to keep the business running on a daily basis
Google Analytics
Google Docs
Segments - It was created by a former data scientist from LinkedIn who I've gotten to know really well. But I tell you having Segments, it really gives you the kind of analytical powers without the price tag. So anything from prebuilt segmentation to using it as a decision engine for your marketing, it's been very, very helpful.
So how do you use Segments?
Automated customer segments. I get an idea of who's most likely to purchase and who's most likely to churn. I can see customers moving through the different buyer stages and get some really cool cohort-type of reporting--from repeat rates to average order value per unique user.
The prebuilt segmentation is the key. I can take [the date] and then with the click of a button just syndicate to Facebook and create custom audiences as well.
So you're essentially using it for kind of remarketing purposes either for customers who have already purchased or people who have not yet become a customer?
I would say it's probably for someone who has become a customer to really understand where are those cliffs, right. We found that at 59 days most of our customers had churned. So we decided to try another medium, direct mail. That worked out really well to intercept that churn. Insights that were hidden came to the surface just based off of their dashboard.
Finishing up, but what advice would you give other eCommerce entrepreneurs?
I have holistic ones and very specific ones. I'd say a very specific one is conversion rate optimization. As a process, CRO will yield your highest ROI, because it is nothing but efficient. Always try those marginal gains. Those 1% to 2% daily or monthly wins. However those add up and make the difference.
Aside from that, if you don't have a mess to clean up, you may not have anything at all. The two businesses I exited, it was a nightmare from an accounting perspective, commingling of personal and business. In hindsight I know how to go about that and avoid that pain. But I almost lost selling one of my businesses because it took six months to clean up my accounting, but that's okay. I think the last one would probably be, you should have a camera lens when you look at your business, not a magnifying glass, and be willing to zoom in and zoom out--really understand what's going on, and don't get too overly fixated on one thing.
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2020.12.02 22:36 TurdQueen How to Register and Submit a Request

We are committed to keeping your life as Stress Free as possible this holiday season! We’re announcing the opportunity to request gifts for your kids if you are in need.
We understand lots of people lost their income due to COVID, and understand households may be financially pressed this season. If you feel like you are unable to provide for your kids yourself, then we have lots of wonderful Santa’s waiting on kid’s wishlists and we’d love to see you gifted!
You can submit your registration up until December 18th, and make your one post on StressFreeXmas up until December 20th.

In order to qualify you MUST follow the following steps:

Fill out our Google Form to apply:

To complete the google form you will need:
  • Proof of address. You can send a picture of a bill sent to your residence. Here's a link walking you through how to upload a photo.
  • A picture of you with all of your children holding a sign that says “Stress Free Christmas”, your reddit username and today's date
  • If you reddit account is under 90 days old then we will additionally require a link to an active social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Once you have been approved we will send a message confirming this and provide you with an “Approved” or “Approved NEW” flair, then you are able to post your 1 request post.
A note about privacy: we are requiring that you submit personal and private information to our mod team. Although I trust our mod team and their handling of private information, you should still be aware we are just normal folks like you. We don’t have any commitment to privacy beyond our own morals not to violate your trust.
You may only post ONE request thread with your children’s wishlists. In your request post, please include:
  • Children's names and ages
  • Children's Lists
  • A few words about your kids; are they artsy, into science? A hugger? An introvert? Just a few details so your Santa's can feel a bit of a connection to them.
  • (Optional) A picture of the children - we recommend that you use the one included in your registration
  • DO NOT include any stories or history or other information
  • For your post title please list the number of children and location eg, 3 boys [USA] or 1 girl [USA] or 2 boys 1 gender fluid [CANADA]

You MUST post a thank you if you receive any gifts.

  • When you receive the items please post a thank you and tag your Santa.
  • You also must provide photos of your children opening the gifts on Christmas (or holding the gift and smiling - something that lets their Santa see they received the gift). These photos do not need to be public if you are concerned about privacy, but then you must PM your Santa’s AND the mods.
If you do not post/send thank you’s/pictures by Dec. 27th, you will be banned. No exceptions.
Those who have received help on another assistance type sub within the past 60 days will not qualify to post their wishlists.

Approvals are totally at the moderators discretion - by applying we are not guaranteeing approval or gifts. ALL MODERATOR DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

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2020.12.02 21:33 ah3019 Annoyingly implausible things about Virgin River Season 2

Anyone agree with me?
1) It's a total conflict of interest and unethical for a medical provider to treat a patient who is pregnant by her current love interest/boyfriend who she is sexually involved with. No medical provider should be allowing this, much less encouraging it (Doc).
2) The idea that Charmaine can just leave the state with the twins is ridiculous. Family court will not allow a parent to unilaterally make a decision like that. Once paternity is established (if it's in question), Jack could easily take this to court and demonstrate that he has an established business in a particular location, and that his ex moving with the children to another state would deprive him of his right to have a relationship with his children.
3) Doc decides to go and surprise Hope (who he knows hates secrets and surprises) by secretly meeting up with a woman he was somewhat dating to procure a ring?
4) An employee literally poisons half the town and no one decides to get law enforcement involved?
5) Pauline/Michelle has a bruised up face, obviously accidentally killed her husband (and it is NOT that easy to die from falling down a single flight of stairs when you are a big healthy adult) and yet she doesn't think that she could prove she acted in self-defense?
6) Charmaine is constantly hot and cold with Mel--one episode she's thanking her and nice and happy, and the next she's back to hating her?

I still love this show as a guilty pleasure and binged it in 4 days, but the implausibilities just made me tear my hair out!
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2020.12.02 19:56 choukelie 26 [F4F] Texas (online) weirdo looking for girlfriend

Hello everyone! Like the title says, I am a 26 year old woman looking for a girlfriend. I live in Texas with my boyfriend of 2+ years now and our two dogs.
A little bit about me: I love youtube. I watch let’s play videos in my free time & attend Vidcon every year. I also like video games, cooking, binge watching trashy reality tv, any sort of true crime docs, and dancing around my house. I absolutely hoard comfort items (blankets, candles, plushies, etc.) I used to go out of state once a month for different concerts / events before Covid! I really love music as well. I went through a scene phase in my teen years. Lol I’m currently in college & on my way to becoming a forensic accountant.
My ideal partner is someone who encourages me, likes to give and receive praise (I love to hype my partners up but sometimes I need it too), is okay with being a bit of a homebody but still adventurous, and is very open and honest with communication. 420 friendly is kind of a big deal. You don’t have to partake, but be open minded about it.
I’m looking for a girlfriend for myself, if things go well, you could date my boyfriend too, but it is not at all a requirement! I would prefer to date someone in the United States that I can start an online relationship with and eventually meet. If you live in Texas, that’s just a plus! Bonus points if you also have a boyfriend / husband that mine can hang out with while we go on dates. (Again, not a requirement though)
I swear I’m a lot more interesting than I make myself sound. Lol. Please reach out to me if you think we could be a good fit or have any questions! :) I look forward to hearing from you.
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2020.12.02 17:58 TheProposal2021 Friends of Scotland, help me propose?

Hi folks,
I'm requesting help from someone within your country to help me propose to my girlfriend. In February this year, I decided that I want to make the proposal as amazing as possible for her as I would hope, it will be a once in a lifetime event for her. I planned from February until June, which is our anniversary, then I started a 365-day countdown to our next anniversary.
In short, I'm getting a photo of a person (or people) from every single country in the world (plus a whole bunch of territories), to take a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper that has some specific writing on it. The paper will have 3 things on it, a specific word, the date, and the country. Each countries word and date are different so it's being done in alphabetical order, when added altogether, all the words will make a letter, which will end in me proposing to her.
I understand this isn't everyone's kind of thing, chirp away if you must, I can take it, but Reddit has been by far my best place to find people from all over the world (check my post history) and I know there are people everywhere that love this kind of thing too. So far I've been able to get around 90+ countries photos, now I'm here asking for help from your country.
To reiterate, all I would need is a photo of you (with friends/family if you like) taking a photo with a piece of paper that has some specific writing on it. You don't need to be from the country, just be in it when the photo is taken. I can't offer much other than my many, many thanks and the promise that if you're ever in need of a favor, I will do my best to help.
I'd be more than happy to prove this is real with examples, but if you check my post history, you can probably tell it is real. Obviously, as I don't want my girlfriend to find out, I am not posting on my actual account. Also, I know a few of you eagle-eyed folk on here have noticed that 365 days is too many days for the number of countries, I have 223 countries on my list, the remaining 142 days are photos taken in specific locations that hold a significant memory for our relationship.
If you're not in this country, you can see the countries I need (soon or in the future) here;
Please note; by agreeing to send me a photo, you're happy for it to be posted online - each photo will only be in the video for a brief second.
If interested either let me know in here or send me a DM - if you do send me a DM it would be great if you post in here too just so I don't miss it (Reddit sometimes doesn't notify me for DM's)
Thank you so much,
The Proposal 2021
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2020.12.02 17:19 _PandaMa_ My(F29) husband's (M28) possible ADD is harming our marriage but he wont do anything to help better the situation.

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We started dating in 2008 and married in 2013. We were in high school when we started dating and nothing like ADD/ADHD was apparent, still wasn't shortly after graduating in 2010 and living together. But after having our first child together in 2014, our relationship suddenly seemed to have changed. He seemed to be more to himself and more invested in gaming than anything to do with me and baby. I figured that maybe it was just his way of coping. We did have a lot of stressful events happen leading up to the birth of our daughter. Both of our mom's passed at separate times and then later both of my grandparents (my mom's parents) passed at the same time. My husband and I have both been big gamers, so I didn't think too much of it when he played games and figured he was just trying to unwind. But now years later, we've had another child, now a two year old boy and my daughter is about to be seven and his behavior seems to have progressed to what HE assumes to be ADD.
I'd spoken to him on a number of occasions, before the initial ADD conversation, of how he doesn't seem to want to take part in his child, now children's, lives and activities. He hardly helps around with ANYTHING. If I ask him to do something, the chances of him doing said thing increases but is not guaranteed. Example, changing our son's diaper. He has very sensitive skin and sitting in a diaper for too long will wreck his skin. I can ask my husband to check/change our son because I'm cooking or something and I will finish after 30mins to an hour of cooking and find my son in the same diaper and now with a rash. I can hardly keep his attention when I'm talking to him. I can have a "conversation" with him and he will have no clue what I'm doing about by the end of it. He just doesn't seem to care about anything. He's just in the moment, flowing with whatever. He can get so absorbed in gaming and his phone that I feel my kids and I can't even wedge ourselves in. And sometimes I feel so guilty, that I nag or complain too much, that maybe I'm just too demanding or asking for too much but I feel like I'm doing everything. We've both been working since high school. My husband at a bank and I at a clinic but I had stop once my son was born because we could afford day care for both kids. So now I'm a stay at home mom. We've both been in school online pursing Bach degrees for the past couple years. I've talked to about me finding work to try to help him out, but he says he'd rather me focus on school since I'm the closest to being done (by the end of 2021). I just feel so stuck and it's almost like he doesn't care about how this is affecting us.
He's brought up this possible ADD to me only a couple of times (initially in 2016) and I've tried to be patient and supportive of him wanting to pursue finding out if he has it or not. But he WILL NOT take that first step of calling a doc or calling his insurance. Having worked in medical, I told him I would help him as much as I can but he has to start the process but he says he's too intimidated of anything medical, he'd rather not do it. I know I just threw a lot of info out I feel like I'm rambling but I don't know what to do. I love my husband, he really is a sweet guy, but this behavior he weighing down on me more than anything and I feel like I'm going crazy. I know he has to care about us, he supports us. If he didn't care, he would've left us high and dry, right?? I've been as open as I possibly can about this and our relationship. Am I asking for too much?? Does anyone have any tips on ADD or being in a relationship with someone with ADD?? Or how I can push my husband to looking into see a doc??
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2020.12.02 15:49 cbekel3618 Here is my rough pitch for the story of Spider-Man 3 (Act Three-The Finale)

For Act One, you can click right here.
For Part One of Act Two, you can click right here.
For Part Two of Act Two, you can click right here.
To quickly catch you guys up, Peter is now a fugitive on the run as a large bounty has been placed on his head by Mac Gargan, with the entire criminal underground after him. This includes Max Dillon (Electro), one of Gargan's goons who wants to rise up in the ranks, Kraven, a hunter who believes Peter will be the perfect prey for him to hunt, and Dmitri (The Chameleon), Kraven's shape-shifting brother after the money from the bounty.
In a fight to recapture EDITH from the government, the glasses are destroyed and Peter is kidnapped by Kraven and Dmitri. Kraven explains to Peter that he believes that he has nothing else in life outside of the hunt and that if he kills Peter, he will be seen as an honorable hunter. Peter escapes and is nearly killed by an avalanche. He hitchhikes out of New York and ends up hiding out in a homeless shelter. Meanwhile, Electro finally gets tired of Gargan and nearly kills him, taking over Gargan's gang.

Onto the grand finale, Act Three!
At the homeless shelter, Peter is cared for by the others there and is appreciative of their generosity. As they ask what happened to him, like in Civil War when he lies to May about where he was, he makes up a story about what happened to him. In the middle of the conversation, he thinks back to Strange’s offer and asks to borrow a phone, where he calls Strange.
Strange explains that he’s been busy dealing with being interrogated by the police, which is why he couldn’t help Peter during the raid on the truck. Peter explains that he thought it over and says yes to Strange’s offer. He can’t do this anymore. He needs his name cleared and he’s considering giving up being Spider-Man for good afterwards, maybe even leaving New York for good to make sure everyone he loves is safe. Strange states that he needs to go get the items needed for the spell, which are located outside of New York (possibly even outside of Earth) and hangs up.

Wondering if he made the right choice, Peter asks one of the people at the shelter for advice, still keeping his identity a secret.
One of the people there, a homeless person or someone helping at the center (maybe played by another Spider-Man actor as a cameo), tells a story to Peter. Maybe it could be that they explain that a while back, a little bit before the Snap, they were in a rough place, thinking everything was hopeless and that they should give up on everything. But one day, “a weird kid in a red-and-blue suit” saved their life on a ship sinking into the ocean. The “kid” could’ve run, he could’ve done nothing, but he still arrived to save the day, even when he could’ve died, and it inspired them to keep persevering, to keep pushing forward.
Through the conversation, Peter realizes he can’t take Strange's offer. He can’t take the easy way out of this. He needs to go back to New York and stop all of this. So, he calls up his friends and begins trekking back home.

Meanwhile, we see an argument between Kraven and Dmitri where we see Kraven break down, showing how much he wished he was able to kill Peter himself. Dmitri, on the other hand, is scared of what will happen to Kraven now and wants him to move on with his life and return to his family. This is when Electro busts in and catches them off-guard, saying he didn’t find Peter’s body in the woods. While Kraven is visibly relieved by this, he’s also unnerved by Max, who is now just crackling with electricity.
Max announces that the bounty is now off and explains his plans. All his life, he wanted respect. From family, friends, his boss. Now, with these powers and after seeing Kraven in action, he wants to take a page from Kraven’s book and kill Peter himself in front of the world, believing it will cement him as the new boss of the criminal underworld of New York.
Kraven, believing it is his right to kill Peter, is quickly knocked out by Electro to make sure he doesn’t pose a problem for him. Dmitri gets knocked out as well. During Electro’s attack, the sparks from his blasts end up reactivating the tracker in Peter’s suit.

Meanwhile, Peter arrives back in Queens and is able to meet up with May, MJ, Ned, and Happy. Beaten-up and tired, Peter begins recounting his backstory and why he became Spider-Man, finally addressing the origin story and Uncle Ben. This isn’t meant to be just a way of pleasing fans, it’s a way of showing that Peter is remembering why he first became Spider-Man, why New York needs him. This is his home and he needs to protect it. May breaks down and the two hug.
Peter asks if the tracker for his make-shift suit is still on. Happy says yes and Peter quickly explains that he might have an idea, something that involves Dmitri.
But if he’s going to pull this off, he’s going to need a suit. Luckily, Happy’s got him covered.
We cut to the back of Happy's car where he pulls out a suitcase for Peter. We don't see what's inside the case but Happy explains that because the suit's a little worn out and hasn't gone through much maintenance in some time, the AI, navigation systems, or any of the special functions probably won't work. Peter grins and simply says he won't need any of it.

Electro appears in Times Square and begins sucking energy from it, projecting himself onto the many screens to gain Peter’s attention and show off his power. However, on a little screen in the corner, Peter is there on a news broadcast by the Daily Bugle. Slowly, all of the screens in Times Square begin showing Peter on top of the building behind Electro…
Wearing the red-and-blue suit.
We get a fight scene where we see Peter and Electro fight, involving a lot of fun swinging scenes and effects. In the middle of it, not only do we get news choppers on the scene, with one of them being the Daily Bugle (who we learn that MJ and Ned called up), but we get police choppers firing at Peter.
In the middle of the chaos, other gangsters and criminals begin entering the scene. This could be a fun scene full of cameos from lesser known villains. But now, we have Peter going up against Electro and a horde of villains and gangsters with different weapons/powers. This includes Toomes’s gang, with a fully-suited-up Shocker and a fully-geared up Tinkerer.

Meanwhile, Happy and May, using the tracker from Peter’s suit, find Kraven and Dmitri’s hideout and find Dmitri there, only now waking up. Here, I love the idea of May threatening him to get him to hand over his shape-shifting tech and go along with their plan. However, they notice Kraven isn’t there. We cut to Kraven on his way to the city, ready to face off with Peter.

The fight continues to get crazier and crazier as in the middle of the chaos, all of New York is watching, seeing Peter as the hero, seeing him fighting off all of these criminals. We can see some of the people who Peter saved over the course of the movie rooting for Peter, cheering him on as he tackles all of these villains, using each of their their tech against one another. At one point, he even manages to steal some of Tinkerer’s Chitauri bombs.
Even Electro is getting overwhelmed as he now has to fight off against these competitors. Maybe Gargan can also appear in the fight, still injured but desperate to kill Peter, but is taken out by Electro, knocked out for good.

In the middle of the fight, May and Happy return with Dmitri and his tech with them, meeting up with MJ and Ned. Here, they go over the plan and decide to give one of Chameleon’s spare masks to MJ (as a reference to her being an actress in the comics).

Back at the Daily Bugle building, we see Jameson, Betty, and Flash preparing to board a chopper to cover the story themselves. However, before they can board, Kraven leaps in and steals it for himself. I have this idea for a funny moment where Jameson goes off on him, yelling like he usually does, and Kraven, mildly annoyed, simply gives him a swift chop to the throat or knocks him out. Flash and Betty, not wanting to fight, simply let him steal it.

Meanwhile, while Peter manages to take down most of the bad guys piling onto him, Electro is able to grab him and fly off, electrocuting Peter in mid-air and preparing to kill him. Before he can do so, Kraven appears in his chopper and begins getting in the middle of the fight, using whatever weaponry he has to attack them. Over the course of the fight, we see Peter repeatedly escape Electro’s grasp and swing through the city only to be recaptured by Electro or end up on top of Kraven’s chopper.
Eventually, the fight is taken out of the city and Peter ends up escaping both of their grasps and free-falling from the sky. Through either gliders in his suit or his webs, he’s able to land safely and discover he’s landed on Liberty Island, right on top of the Statue of Liberty (this idea was inspired by this piece of concept art.)
Unable to control his anger, Electro fires at Kraven’s chopper and destroys it. Before it blows up, Kraven leaps out of it and grabs onto Max, the two duking it out in mid-air before Kraven manages to escape Max’s grasp and grab onto the statue.
Now, we’ve got Peter, Kraven, and Electro fighting on top of the statue, the police after Peter in their own choppers, May, Happy, MJ, and Ned on their way to the island with Dmitri in tow, Jameson, Flash, and Betty on their way with cameras and everything and a resurrected Mysterio back from the dead-! Nah, he isn’t there, but pretty much, everyone’s converging onto Liberty Island.

Both Kraven and Electro begin hunting Peter both inside and outside of the Statue as both are now out for blood. In the middle of it, Kraven begins just breaking down, demanding Peter give him his perfect hunt. Instead, Peter, learning from before, decides not to play into Kraven’s game and instead dodges every attack from Kraven. Finally, Peter dodges one of Electro’s blasts, letting it hit Kraven and almost send him falling. He’s able to grab onto the railing before he can plummet to his death.
Kraven, weakened and feeling like he’s been taken for a fool, almost lets go. However, rather than let him die, Peter grabs him and pulls him up, webbing him to the floor. As Electro grabs Peter and drags him outside to the top of the statue, Kraven looks astonished that the boy bothered to save his life.

Meanwhile, on a STARK speedboat, MJ, Happy, May, and Ned head towards the island, with Dmitri in handcuffs. However, Dmitri is able to get himself out of the cuffs and tries to escape. This could lead to a fun little fight scene as we see Peter’s friends fight against Dmitri, with Dmitri uncontrollably shape-shifting as a result of them beating him over the head. At one point, May just goes nuts and is able to knock Dmitri off of his feet. Here, she tries to convince him to go along with this plan as she can tell that, kind of like her, he doesn’t want to see his family get hurt. Dmitri, albeit reluctantly, agrees to aid them, not because he cares about Peter, but because he doesn’t want his brother to die.

Peter and Electro fight on the top of the statue, with Electro slamming the kid around and insulting him, belittling Peter like everyone else belittled him all of his life. When he’s distracted, Peter begins pulling out some of the Chitauri bombs he stole from Shocker and prepares to use them on Electro. He’s able to throw a couple at Max and they weaken him a little, but he loses the final bomb in the struggle, as it falls off of the statue.
Electro grins, preparing to kill Peter as a bunch of news choppers are recording, as all of New York is watching. However, before he can land the final blow, Kraven appears and throws the final bomb to Peter. As Electro is distracted, Peter lands a kick to Electro’s chest, flips off, grabs the bomb in mid-air, and fires several strands of webbing at the crown of the statue.
Pulling back, he uses the webbing as a slingshot and lets himself crash into Max, sending the two into the air. Peter can give a witty quip before webbing the bomb to Max’s chest and kicking himself off of Max. The bomb goes off and Max’s powers begin going crazy as he begins shorting out. Peter, Kraven, and the choppers filming are able to escape before he explodes, dropping to the floor, still alive but powerless.

Peter grabs both Kraven and Max and makes it off of the statue, where he’s awaited by a horde of reporters and policemen, including Jameson. However, before any of them can arrest him, MJ arrives disguised as Peter. Pretending to be Peter, she begins making up a story on the fly. Since they know they can’t prove that Mysterio was really a bad guy and that he orchestrated the attack on London, they go for the next best thing: pin the attack on London on Kraven, Dmitri, and Electro.
“Peter” tells everyone that Kraven and Dmitri used their skills to steal EDITH and launch the attack and that Electro was the big lightning monster that attacked the bridge. They killed Mysterio and used Dmitri’s tech to shapeshift into Spider-Man to pin the blame on him. Then, to further draw the blame away from them, they pretended to be Beck and chose “some random kid” (Peter) to act as the scapegoat, kidnapping “Peter” to make him appear even more suspicious to the world. To help prove her story, Dmitri, going along with the plan and using his own mask, begins shape-shifting into Spider-Man and Beck.
As Dmitri goes along with the story, he shares a glance with Kraven, who, starting to feel respect for Peter, goes along with it as well. Electro denies any of it and tries to call BS on the story, but he as well as Kraven and Dmitri are arrested and taken away. Before he’s taken away, Kraven turns to the real Peter and gives a look of respect to the boy.

Jameson, still not believing any of this, begins yelling, demanding that Spidey takes off his mask and show who he is. Instead, Peter, turning to his friends and family, says no. He says that it doesn’t matter who he is under the mask. That he’s just a kid from Queens looking to protect his home. This is his home. His responsibility.
With that, he fires a web at a helicopter passing by and swings off. Before we cut away, Flash can have a moment where he jokes with “Peter”, saying he knew a nerd like him could never be Spider-Man. MJ can give a very surly, “un-Peter”-like response, taking Flash aback. This could either be a simple joke or it could actually clue Flash in that Peter might actually be Spider-Man.

We cut to some time later where at the Parker apartment, Peter is preparing to head off to school for the first time in a while. Before he heads out, May can quickly hug him and tell him how proud she is of him.
We cut to Midtown High where we see Peter finally returning to school for his senior year. He reunites with MJ and Ned as we see the trio back together. We can have a quick moment where MJ and Peter talk about how, now that Peter’s now longer a criminal, maybe they can continue that date of theirs. We can also have a short scene where Flash welcomes Peter back right before going right back to bullying him yet again.
We see Peter returning to his normal life in class in a moment kind of like in that scene Spider-Man: Homecoming where we saw a day in Peter’s normal life with him impatient to leave and go out on patrol. Only this time, instead of being fast-paced with Peter distracted and impatiently waiting for the day to be over, we see Peter genuinely enjoying his day and being patient, showing how he’s now appreciating the world around him.

As the school day ends, we cut to him on top of a building when suddenly, the world around him enters the Mirror Dimension. He turns to see Doctor Strange appear, congratulating him on no longer being a fugitive. He apologizes for being unable to help Peter in the final fight. Once again, he offers Peter the chance to wipe everyone’s minds of his identity just to be sure, saying he still has the items needed for the spell.
Peter, believing everything’s okay now and that he now has a grasp on how to handle his secret identity more carefully, turns down the offer, but Strange lets him know the offer’s always available. Peter thanks Strange for everything as the doctor leaves. Peter takes one long look at the city and notices something on one of the buildings around him.

Next to the giant mural of Iron Man that we saw in Far From Home is now a giant mural of Spider-Man. A smile crosses Peter’s face as he dons the mask and leaps down as we get our big swinging sequence around New York.

Peter Parker is back. Spider-Man is back. He’s home.

Mid-Credits Scene:
At a hospital, we see J. Jonah Jameson sitting on a chair, fuming about what happened and still believing that Spider-Man is a menace.
Someone sits down next to him and states that like him, they agree. They think that Spider-Man is a villain and that he must be stopped. And with Jameson’s help, they can put an end to the wall-crawler once and for all. Jameson asked what the hell this person is talking about and is guided to another room in the hospital.
In the room, lying unconscious on a hospital bed is Mac Gargan, in horrible shape from his fight with Electro. Jameson is still confused as the mystery person simply says:
“New York wants a hero? Let’s give them one.
As for the identity of said mystery person, it can be anyone, male or female. Norman Osborn, Doc Ock, Fisk, but personally, I think it should be Smythe, foreshadowing that the fourth movie is going to be dealing with Scorpion and the Spider-Slayers.

Post-Credits Scene:
Honestly, this can be about anything. Oscorp. Spider-Verse. Set-up for the Sinister Six. Set-up for the next Avengers movie. Set-up for Miles Morales coming to the MCU. Anything.

So what do you guys think of my pitch? Do you think this would work for the story of Spider-Man 3? I would love to hear any comments.
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2020.12.02 13:30 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - December 2nd, 2020

"Actress Drew Sidora is known for her performances in the Disney Channel series “That’s So Raven,” the VH1 biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” and the dance film “Step Up.”
The Olympia Fields native plays the role of wife, mother and actress in a pandemic on the new season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which is scheduled to premiere at 7 p.m. Sunday on the Bravo network.
Viewers meet Sidora, 37, on Season 13′s second episode, which is set to air Dec. 13. The Rich Central High School graduate, who is married to business executive Ralph Pittman, is raising three children. She has the unenviable task of joining the cast of a long-running TV show that has become the flagship of “The Real Housewives” brand, thanks to notable personalities such as NeNe Leakes (who is not slated to return for Season 13) and Kenya Moore (who is back).
Sidora’s drama seems to center around her husband’s mysterious three-day disappearance. Her mother also lives in their home. She said her father is battling Alzheimer’s disease in an Illinois nursing home. Sidora chatted with the Tribune about her time on “The Real Housewives” in a recent phone interview. The following transcript has been edited for clarity and condensed for space.
Q. What made you decide to sign up for the “Housewives?”
A. It was just one of those things. I was approached back in 2015 to join the show. I was pregnant with my now-5-year-old, and while I was in Chicago visiting family, my water broke. I was only 28 weeks, so I was actually transferred and admitted into Rush (hospital). I was there for like five weeks, ordered to bed rest and delivered Machai, 4 pounds, 4 ounces, at 32 weeks. So we kind of just stayed there, and I was like, now’s not the right time.
It just wasn’t good timing, so when they came back around, we were just moving to Atlanta. I got a chance to hang out with (former cast member) Eva Marcille and (cast member) Cynthia (Bailey) at her wine cellar opening (last year). And that’s when it was like, all right, this is awesome. And so this year, here we are. So, it was kind of God. It was like, all right, three times. Three-time charm. This was the third time, and it just felt really like perfect timing.
After everything we’ve gone through this year for 2020, it was just like, why not? Why not open myself to let people get to know the real me that I usually can’t show in any movie or TV show I would ever do? This is going to be just raw and really just introduce the world to who I am as a person.
Q. Besides Eva and Cynthia, did you know any of the other cast members before joining the show?
A. I knew Porsha (Williams). I had done an interview on Dish, so I got a chance to hang out with her. She’s my neighbor, so she literally lives six minutes away from me. That was awesome. Also Shamea (Morton), who’s a friend on the show, she was in the TLC biopic, so I had met her a few years back when we filmed that movie.
Q. Was it difficult to join a show with 12 seasons of history?
A. It’s an amazing show. I know I watched the show over the course of the years. Before we started filming, I went back to Season 1 and just really got more familiar with everything. I think it’s just awesome to see what the ladies have been able to do as far as their businesses are concerned and just really showcasing how as women we can get along. We can have fun. I’m sure you have girlfriends. You know sometimes everything’s not perfect, and you have to have those tough conversations or disagreements, or whatever. I was just excited to meet the ladies. Obviously everyone’s been super awesome and just very inviting toward me. Not that everything’s perfect — but most of them are just really enjoyable, and (I’m) just getting to know each and every one of them.
Q. When did you become a fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta?”
A. I would definitely say my family, they’ve been super fans, so just watching it with them. I absolutely love NeNe and wishing her well. She opened the door to this franchise, and I thought she was amazing on the show. Very, very entertaining. For me, it was just about showing myself. I’ve had three surgeries on my Achilles, and my dad has Alzheimer’s, and just what I go through. I feel like just being able to share that and open my home, hopefully to inspire somebody and just to show as an actor, this is also my life. It’s not always glitz and glamour and just show that journey of an actor that you wouldn’t get to see on any film or television show that I’ve done.
Q. A (Bravo) news release mentions some marital troubles. Can you give us some more details of what the viewers will see this season?
A. Oh, Lord. They’re going to see just us. Just the Pittmans. Obviously, my husband left for three days. I did not know where he was. That was just a thing that I thought we would never be showing to 30 million viewers, but it happened. You’re going to just see us really trying to figure this marriage thing out for the sake of our family and for what we came together and for the love that we do share. We’re just really trying to be better. We’re in counseling, so you’ll be able to see that journey as it plays out. We’re just really working hard to save our marriage.
Q. You know that being on the show is usually a marriage killer, though? There’s kind of a curse that happens to couples when they go on “The Real Housewives.”
A. I refute that though because my mom is a pastor, and we do a lot of praying in our house. I don’t think the show could make or break your marriage. I think it just would probably bring things to the forefront that you may try to ignore. And so I feel like if the marriage is supposed to work, it’s going to work whether you’re on this show or not. I really feel like for us, it’s been very instrumental in helping. I’ve had to have really tough conversations and really be vulnerable, and I think, honestly, it’s brought us closer because we’re doing the work. We’re committed to our counseling sessions. We’re committed to doing our homework and really staying together, and that’s just a decision that we’ve made. Of course we’re not going to let anything come between that, but I think being able to show that to the world — marriage is not easy; divorce is not the first thing you have to do — that’s what really (we) are most excited to share.
Q. And how much will we see of your three children this season?
A. Oh, they’re all over the place! It’s a pandemic. They’re in virtual schools. They’re in the house, literally, all the time, and so you’ll see them. We don’t have a nanny. We’re just getting settled, and we’re like schoolteachers. We’re everything. They have been a very intricate part of what you will see this season for sure.
Q. “The Real Housewives” is known for escapism, but the new season begins with the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. How do you feel about the shift in tone this season?
A. It’s going to be powerful because Black Lives Matter, that’s a big deal. And it’s something that we definitely need to keep the conversation going in, so that we can continue to do what’s right and fight for equal justice and equality and better gun laws, gun reform. And now we have a new president! I think all of that is really what we’re going through, so it’s very real. It’s very raw. I think it’s great that Bravo decided to showcase that because the world needs to see that.
Q. Now that you’re on the show, what was one thing that surprised you since you’ve been behind the scenes?
A. I was very shocked. I’m like, oh, cameras are here. I’m used to takes, multiple takes, and a director, and all of those things. And this is way different. I’m definitely able to say this is a challenge for me. This is something new, but it’s definitely exciting. What you see is what you get. It is very raw. We did not plan this stuff. It just is what it is, so that was definitely just different from what I’m used to.
Q. What other TV and film projects do you have coming up?
A. Right now I’m on “Influence,” which is an adaptation of Carl Weber’s New York Times bestselling book “Influence.” It’s streaming right now on BET and BET Plus. It stars Deborah Cox, ohmigod, so many amazing people. Kellita Smith. Amazing cast. Columbus Short. That project I’m really, really, really excited about. I also am directing my first film next year. We’re in preproduction for that right now.
Q. How has the pandemic affected your career?
A. Oh, majorly. One thing through this whole pandemic, when my checks stopped, I was like, wait a minute. I still have a family. It forced me to challenge myself to realize the importance of creating your own content, so I immediately started my production company. My husband and I started Eudora Entertainment, which is a full-fledged production company. We just got distribution through eOne. We just wrapped production of our first film. Really kudos to the pandemic because although it was difficult, although it’s been super-challenging, it really forced a lot of people to just think outside of the box.
I’ve been in front of the camera, but definitely for me, getting behind the camera is going to open up so many doors to actors that may have never had the opportunity. That’s what I’m most excited about, but the pandemic really pushed me to that. To realize, you’ve got to get out here and create your own content. Get online. Do more. Write more. I’m grateful for that because the industry, Hollywood, shut down for a really long time, and you couldn’t travel. So there were projects that I was slated to do and productions went down because they couldn’t work. I was like, OK, that’s not going to happen. I’m going to create my content and try to make sure that that never happens. I’m always able to work even through a pandemic.
Q. And what do you want the viewers to know about you as they’re watching you on the show?
A. I just want them to know Drew Sidora Pittman, the wife, the mother and the actress, and really just be gentle with me. I am not perfect, and I think that’s what you will see is that I am on a journey of really just getting back to myself. I’m rehabbing my Achilles and just really inspiring people, hopefully, to know no matter what you’re going through, you can push through anything, even during a pandemic.
Q. How often do you get back to the Chicago area?
A. Normally, if we weren’t in a pandemic, I would be home twice a month visiting my dad, visiting my family. I haven’t been there now in seven months. I’m hoping, maybe when things get safe again, I can go visit around the holidays or top of next year because I really do miss my family. I had a dream about my dad last night. I woke up in tears just really wanting to see him. I’m really hoping sooner than later I’ll be able to get out to Chicago. I love my city. I need some Garrett Popcorn right about now. I need some Harold’s Chicken, so I’m definitely going to be there very soon.
Q. Now that you have a season under your belt, do you think Chicago should have its own edition of “The Real Housewives?”
A. I would love that. We have one of the most amazing cities (and) Lake Michigan. I think the world needs a Chicago “Real Housewives” franchise ASAP."
"Garcelle Beauvais' Thanksgiving wasn't exactly celebratory. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star spent the day, which also happened to be her 54th birthday, isolating due to a COVID-19 scare on the set of Housewives. ET was first to report that production on the show's 11th season was halted last week after a crew member tested positive for the coronavirus.
"We shot for Housewives on Tuesday, Tuesday night we got home and found out that a few people in our crew tested positive for COVID," Garcelle confesses in ET's first look at this Tuesday's episode of The Real. Garcelle says she and her castmates all have to quarantine for 14 days, and her 13-year-old twin sons, Jaid and Jax, are temporarily staying with their father, Garcelle's ex-husband, Mike Nilon.
"We do all the protocols," Garcelle tells her Real co-hosts. "We get tested at least three times a week. We get tested before we shoot. You know, my kids get tested, I get tested, anybody who's in my household, and you know, we did the right things, but at the same time, it just shows you that this virus -- you can touch something, you can… you know, it's not necessarily just from people."
"Hopefully everybody will be healthy, and we're down for a few weeks, but then we'll be back to work," she adds. "But luckily for me, we do The Real from home, so I can still do this job, which I’m thankful for."
Garcelle says she has no symptoms, has had multiple negative coronavirus tests and continues to be tested multiple times a week amid her quarantine.
Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will feature Garcelle alongside Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne, Sutton Stracke, as well as new 'Wife Crystal Kung Minkoff and new "friend of" Kathy Hilton. It’s slated to premiere in 2021."
"One is the mother of a pop singer best known for failing to impress the judges on the The X Factor.
Another has rubbed shoulders with Donald Trump, while a third is a 57-year-old thrill-seeker.
They are among seven glamorous and successful women aiming to put Jersey back in the TV spotlight in a new reality show.
The Channel Island's first small screen claim to fame came in the Seventies with Enemy At The Door, about wartime life under Nazi occupation.
But perhaps Jersey is still best known to many viewers as the setting for Eighties detective drama Bergerac, starring John Nettles as unorthodox ex-cop Jim Bergerac.
Now The Real Housewives Of Jersey hope to show viewers a different side of island life.
The ITV reality series aims to portray everything from its picturesque tranquil beaches to the glitzy party scene.
And yesterday the cast of the show, which will begin airing at the end of the month on ITVBe, was unveiled.
Tessa Hartmann, mother of British singer and X Factor contestant Tallia Storm, will be joined by businesswoman Ashley Cairney and natural medicine guru Hedi Green.
Fashionista Jane Rayner, socialite Kate Taylor, model Mia Ledbury and estate agent Margaret Thompson round off the cast.
A short trailer gives a glimpse into the women's lifestyles as they are seen swimming in a luxurious outdoor infinity pool, getting off a private jet and, of course, sipping champagne.
ITV says the ten-part series 'will follow the highs and lows of our marvellous Housewives and their families who all live life to the full on the island while bringing fun, laughter, tears and of course, plenty of glamour'.
It is the second UK version of The Real Housewives franchise – there are more than a dozen covering various parts of the US but the only British location until now has been the award-winning The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.
Executive producer Mike Swindells said: 'Having spent an incredible summer embracing all that the beautiful island of Jersey offers, we can't wait to introduce the world to this magnificent location and our raft of exceptional new Housewives.
'As viewers would expect, the lives of The Real Housewives of Jersey are as complicated as ever.'
The entire series will be available to watch on the ITV Hub on the same day it launches on ITVBe, in the week after Christmas. Here we profile the programme's seven stars.
She may be a 57-year-old mother of three daughters but that doesn't stop Hedi Green skydiving, motorbike riding and paddleboarding.
The 'warrior of life' has lived in Jersey for 35 years. A practitioner of natural medicine who believes in the energy of earth and healing, she has three clinics.
Originally from the Midlands, Jane Rayner, 56, has been living in Jersey for five years. The fashionista is twice divorced and currently engaged – so hoping it'll be third time lucky.
Sir David Attenborough is one of her heroes and she is keen to do her bit to protect the environment.
At 58, Margaret Thompson is the oldest Housewife. She moved to the island when she was 18 and has worked her way up from pot washer to the self-styled 'Queen of Jersey property'.
Originally from Scotland, Miss Thompson was pictured rubbing shoulders with Donald Trump at a New Year party in 2016. Her dogs have their own following on Instagram.
Kate Taylor, 51, has lived on the island for 30 years and has become well known on the Jersey social scene for her gregarious character and extravagant outfits.
She is an ambassador for a number of charities and is into yoga and wellness.
Tessa Hartmann, 50, is the mother of singer Tallia Storm.
She is originally from Scotland and moved to Jersey five years ago with her husband, composer and film director Sascha Hartmann.
The couple began their PR agency Hartmann Media in 1996 and she has represented designers including Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren.
Former model Mia Ledbury, 44, originally from Australia, moved to Jersey only five years ago with her husband Dan and their two daughters.
She is beginning to dip her toe back into the modelling world after taking a break to have children.
Ashley Cairney, at 31 the youngest Housewife, is the only Jersey-born girl on the show and a self-made businesswoman.
She is married to Ben, her high school sweetheart whom she has been with since the age of 17, and the couple have two young children.
They each run their own business on the island."
In a series of November 30 Instagram Stories, Jo revealed, “We are doing the thing that all new couples should do when they first start dating.”
“Maybe not when they first start dating,” Taran chimed in.
“OK, and we are doing the thing that all couples should do before getting engaged one day,” Jo clarified. “Take a long road trip together. So we are off to San Francisco, which is about a good eight hours away. But knowing all of the stops we’re going to do, it will be 11.”
Jo previously introduced Taran to her Instagram followers and podcast listeners. In an October 3 post in celebration of National Boyfriend Day, Jo shared a selfie of the two with a heartfelt caption.
“My whole heart and soul. If you’ve been listening to PopCandy for the last few months now, you’ve been hearing me gush about ‘Broadway Boy’ and sharing our crazy story about meeting in the middle of COVID. Happy to finally show you the handsome face behind the name and why my heart has felt so full these days,” Jo wrote. “@tarangraymusic thank you for being a light and a gift in my life.”
Taran commented on Jo’s sweet post to add, “I love you baby girl. I wouldn’t want to battle this year the way we have with anyone else.”
In a later Instagram post, Jo revealed that the pair met virtually and kept in contact for a bit before meeting in person.
“Found this pic of our first time ever meeting after 3 months of COVID dating over a screen! Can you tell how excited we were to finally meet in real life?” Jo wrote. “I think I’ll keep him!”
Jo even shared a little dating advice with a follower who commented on the post, “I might actually try again if I could find a sweetheart like you. I haven’t dated for 10 years.” Jo shared the secret to her romantic success, writing in response, “Try Hinge. That’s where we met and I think the best pool of quality people who are looking for love there, but that was just my experience having tried all the major dating apps.”
"In the November 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, we got a glimpse at the newest addition to Karen Huger’s House of La’Dame and one of her "best projects to date," La'Dame by Karen Huger X RPGShow. Karen teamed up with her hairstylist, Steven Thomas (also known as "The Hair Doc") and launched an exclusive wig line, which she introduced to the rest of the ‘Wives during her “Wig Shift” party.
We recently caught up with Karen and Steven and got all the tea on how this "bold and sexy" wig line came to be. Read on to learn how these two create their hair magic.
What inspired you two to launch a wig line and what has that process been like?
Karen Huger: I have worn wigs for quite some time. I had that wig shift on national TV and that was my aha moment. So, I had been looking to develop my own wig line — one that fit and feels wonderful. When RPGShow presented the opportunity to work together to create the collaboration, I knew I wanted Steven to be by my side as the creative director. He is a genius hairstylist!
Steven Thomas: Creating this wig line with Karen is one of my best projects to date. It's gratifying and has allowed myself and Karen to get closer and bond. Karen gives me freedom to fly creatively with her guidance, which is the ultimate reason why I love being a part of her glam team!
How did you start working together?
KH: A few years ago I was looking for a new hairstylist and I heard about Steven. As you know your hairstylist is someone who you spend quality time with. Once we met, it was pure magic.
What is your work dynamic like when creating hairstyles?
KH: There are just some people in your life with whom you gel effortlessly. When I find a look I want, I discuss it with Steven and he styles my wigs with that goal in mind — with a bit of Hair Doc extra.
Do you ever disagree on what looks good?
KH: We work together and feed off of each other to get to what I envisioned... then we end up elevating the look!
Has Karen's style changed at all since working with Steven?
KH: My style has evolved. I always have my classic look, now just with a modern twist.
How do you choose the wig looks you're going to create?
KH: I think about what women want and what women need to help empower themselves to be the best they can be. If there is one thing I know, it’s that if you’re having a great hair day, nothing can stop you.
Explain the meaning behind your wigs' different names.
KH: Each of the wigs in my bold and sexy line has her own personality/mood. Victoria, for example, she's a queen. She goes from boardroom meetings to a night out with her friends. She’s powerful, intelligent, sultry, elegant, and versatile. When you wear one of the wigs from my collection you'll know the Grande Dame is by your side.
What do you have planned next for your La’Dame empire?
KH: La'Dame is not only beauty... beauty is only the beginning. I am so excited as we continue to grow. The sky's the limit!"
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2020.12.02 08:15 nemorafarraige AITA for not wanting to go to my sis house for Christmas

I'm bad at explaining things and english is'nt my first language, so sorry if the story gets confusing
so My sis are going to have a new born around christmas this year, I didn't plan to go there to visit her to celebrate or anything, and I have already told her about this, the reason is
  1. I need to work extra hours to be able to go there
  2. There would be a horrible traffic since it's around Christmas and people in my country didn't really follow COVID protocol and just went on holidays anyway
this year has been rough for me since now I'm the backbone of my family at home, I paid for my dad and my bro who basically loses their job because of covid, and I'm constantly stressed for months, my birthday is at christmas so I have been saving my money since october to buy a birthday present for myself, it's also kind of a reward of how hard I've been working ever since everything started to get messed up, and I'm going to be able to buy it very soon, and I have calculated my income and savings to buy my present and also for life expenses, that I don't have to work too much and can take it slow this month. I have been overworking myself the past 3/4 months, and I really need to take a break (I'm a freelancer btw)
The thing is, suddenly my sis contacted me this morning and said that her mother in law family will go to another city for Christmas, and she will have a newborn around Christmas (the date is fixed by her docs) and then she told me something like "oh but this month you are going to buy your present right? so you won't be able to come here?" she didn't mean bad intention but it's stressing me out and the way she stated it makes me feel like she basically kinda guilt tripping me to just don't buy my present and come to her house.
the second thing is, her house is in another city, and If I go there, so will my bro and dad, and idk about my dad but my bro seems like he wanted to visit her (he love babies and been asking if we will visit her since june). and the expenses to bring 2 people to basically go on a holiday to another city will be huge and I'd need to overwork myself again to cover up the expenses if I wanted to still buy my present.
at the same time I feel like an asshole if I refused to go there, because a mother who has just giving birth needs people to take care of them, and the worst thing is my reasoning is completely egoistical (because I wanted to buy my present, traffic, and don't want to overwork). what should I do? WIBTA?
edit : I'm new to aita so I didn't notice this should be WIBTA I suppose? so I edited the last question, sorry 🙏
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2020.12.02 04:02 Jon_hamm_wallet "Just needs time" and doctors are out of ideas; nurses are pushing us to lobby for a trach when the docs say no.

So our little man (born Aug 10th at 28+5) is now 45 weeks. He's 7.5lbs and seems pretty healthy except for his breathing. He was intubated then moved to NAVA, down to cpap, back to nava, and now is on cpap level 10 (only 21-25% oxygen). The doctors have been telling us for the last few months he just needs time to develop his lungs. He had a bronchoscopy and they found that his pharynx was slightly collapsed, but not enough to warrant a trach.
But they have no other answers. He's had steroids (3 rounds, 2 in the last 6 weeks), and lasix, and none of it seems to help. He breathes super fast but doesn't desat too much except when he's really upset.
His nurses say he should get a trach + g tube, but the doctors have said a trach is not on the table. The risks outweigh the benefits. But behind the scenes, the nurses are still telling us every day "he needs to get home! He'll do better at home, and he doesn't need to be in the hospital during flu season (during a pandemic!!)". They encourage us to "advocate for him" but we don't know what to advocate for. Over and over the docs say he just needs time, but he's almost a month past his due date with no discharge in sight. We're in a level 4 nicu so I don't expect insurance would approve a transfer anywhere, though the docs have said they'll consult with some other hospitals.
I guess I'm mostly just venting. I would love to hear if you've got any input on how to be advocates when noone seems to have answers; how to navigate this split between the nurses and the doctors; ideas for treatment he hasn't had yet; or just general support as we potentially settle in for an even longer nicu stay. Thanks!
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2020.12.02 04:01 TheNetRanger [WTS] 14 Knafs, 2 Karambits

Hello Knife Swappers, hope everyone had a good weekend! I'm making my final push to complete my purge by years end. You'll find some rare knives in this batch, but hopefully there's a little something for everyone. Most are in great or LNIB condition unless noted otherwise. As always, feel free to PM me with offers if you disagree on price. Will consider all reasonable offers. All knives will ship in the morning via USPS Priority with full insurance.
  • Caswell Morphing Karambit [B+] Maybe one of the coolest knives I've ever handled. I made an action video to show how it works. Aside from a few wear marks from carrying, this thing looks largely unused. Great for defending yourself against alley ninjas. SV $800.
  • Marfione DOC Prototype [C+] Here's a copy/paste from previous owner: This originally was test knife or prototype made in May of 2017 & was given to an employee, who in turn sold it to a very big MT/Marfione collector... All of these are meant to be destroyed generally but this one survived.. No markings, stamps, etc outside of a date code on the blade & a clip. Very rare piece & idk of another one or even a comparable. This is a genuine MT/Marfione, not a clone or knockoff. It took a lot of digging & phone calls but everything has been verified. Action is great on it, very smooth & blade flies out. Only significant wear is on the clip, otherwise its a few trails here & there. An awesome piece for any collection or a badass, overbuilt one of a kind everyday carry.. Also includes blank Marfione box, that has been with the knife since it was originally sold. SV $735.
  • SBD Timascus Evo Typhoon [B+] This is my first SBD knife and it definitely lives up to it's name. Fit and finish is perfect and the Timascus clip adds a really nice pop of color. Blade looks like it might've been lightly stropped, but looks clean. I'm definitely looking to trying out their other knives... maybe after I'm done with my purge haha. SV $435. SOLD
  • Hinderer XM-18 3.5" S45VN [A] Comes with the newest released S45VN Blade. Just bought it BNIB the other week. I will add an extra scale of your choice. SV $415 TRADED
  • Olamic Wayfarer Harpoon Blade [B+] Ti Kinetic Eggplant w/ Ti Purple Hardware. Here's another one that I was glad to check out. Knife is bigger than I always thought. Ergos are great and it has the great Olamic fit & finish. I've seen similar spec Wayfarers go for $525+. SV $400.
  • JBB Large Arrestor [B+] This Brad Blount custom knife is an absolute tank and feels like it'll last a lifetime. It fires hard and lockup is solid. Really appreciate the simplicity of the knife the more I play with it. It's a bare bones, no frills, indestructible knife. SV $1550.
  • WE Snecx [B+] WE delivers another cool little knife that should be worth much more. Great design and addicting action. SV $250.
  • TBC Ti LEXK CFL Spearpoint [B+] I’ve been completely addicted to TBC lately and might’ve bought one too many. Perfectly tuned, shoots open and drops shut with a wiggle. Both the EXK and LEXK feel great in my small/medium hands, but if you tend to prefer larger knives, this one might be for you. Hand rubbed M390 blade. Knife is in pristine condition. LNIB. SV $785.
  • Mini Paysan by @knifegrandpa [C+] Modded by the one and only @knifegrandpa, this Mini Paysan is a an absolute winner. Much better ergos than the original Paysan. There's a reason why u/asianfb10 has 17 of them. SV $550. SOLD
  • Olamic Whippersnapper [B+] Olamic's flagship front flipper designed by A. Kolesnikov. This one has Dark Blast Holes and Entropic Accents. Retail on this one was $645. SV $475.
  • Spyderco SPY27 Native 5 FRN [A] BNIB Collectors Club Edition #22. As the name says, this blade comes in SPY27, Spyderco’s new stainless steel. Pretty nice shade of blue on the FRN as well. BNIB. SV $110.
  • Spyderco SpyOpera [A] A classy Italian lockback on bearings, this is a Spyderco x Lionsteel collaboration. I see this as the perfect office carry that won't freak people out. SV $145.
  • Benchmade Mini Griptilian w/ AWT Ti Scales [C+] Rated C+ for AWT Scales and a little wear on the scales. Knife is in overall great condition. Action and perfect and drop shutty. No box, but comes in a zip up pouch. SV $165.
  • Pena X Series Swayback Ti [B+] Pena has been killing it with the production versions of his custom front flippers and this one is no exception. The jigged Ti handles provide a solid grip and I love the way it feels in the hand. SV $275. TRADED
  • TBC EXK SFL [B+] Hand rubbed m390 Sheepsfoot blade. Both the EXK and LEXK feel great in my small/medium hands, but if you tend to prefer smaller knives, this one might be for you. SV $635
  • Cold Steel Tiger Claw Karambit [C-] This one has definitely seen some use, but still in good working condition. SV $65.
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2020.12.02 01:09 SWGalaxysEdge ** Wed 12/2 - Christmas TV shows - ALL CHANNELS ** - part 2 of 3

all times EST - check local listings
...continued from part 1
Santiago of the Seas - A Pirate ChristmasTomorrow, 9:00 AM / NIC-E 36Santiago and crew must help Santa save Christmas.
T.O.T.S. - Santa Baby; Shear MadnessTomorrow, 9:00 AM / DIS-E 40Pip and Freddy attempt to teach the joy of giving during Christmas to a magical baby reindeer; Pip and Freddy frantically try to figure out how to fix the situation when they mistakenly shave all the wool off a baby sheep.
Teen Titans Go! ChristmasTomorrow, 9:00 AM / CARINT 970
Mistletoe & MenorahsTomorrow, 10:00 AM / LIF-E 38When a big account is on the line, a toy company executive turns to a co-workers friend for help learning about Hanukkah in exchange for helping him transform his bachelor pad into a Christmas Wonderland that will impress his girlfriend.
KrampusTomorrow, 10:00 AM / FXX 82When a young boy loses his Christmas spirit because of his family's squabbles, the ancient demon Krampus is unleashed, and the family must find a way to come together in order to save one another from the fearsome evil spirit.
Sound of ChristmasTomorrow, 10:00 AM / HALLMV 84A young music teacher begins to grow closer with the single father of one of her brightest and most challenging students, but complications arise for all of them as their relationship develops amid the holiday season.
The Middle - The Christmas WallTomorrow, 10:30 AM / FAM-E 52Frankie decides not to do much by the way of Christmas decorations because she's sick of her family not appreciating any of her efforts; Axl, Sean and Darren reunite Boss Co. for the holidays, but it just devolves into petty arguments between them.
Christmas at the ChateauTomorrow, 10:30 AM / SHOWOM 244A group of sisters attempt to save a historic mansion and beloved family home in their town from a corrupt bank that plans to foreclose on Christmas, but things get complicated when a sister falls in love with one of the bankers.
To Grandmother's House We GoTomorrow, 11:00 AM / AMCALL 64When their mother becomes exasperated with their antics, twin sisters Sarah and Julie decide to give their mother the vacation she always wanted and go to their grandmother's house for Christmas, but their journey does not go as planned.
Ricky Zoom - SantaCycle Down; ShiningTomorrow, 11:00 AM / NGN-E 125Ricky and the buddies help Santa Cycle when he crash-lands in Wheelford on Christmas Eve; Scootio's parents are putting on a light display in Wheelford.
PAW Patrol - Pups Save a Bah Humdinger!Tomorrow, 12:00 PM / NIC-E 36Mayor Humdinger is being very naughty on Christmas Eve and it's up to the Paw Patrol to help Santa and save Christmas.
A Gift Wrapped ChristmasTomorrow, 12:00 PM / LIF-E 38A personal shopper makes it her holiday mission to help her workaholic client, a single father who seems to be spending very little time with his 7-year-old son, to get into the spirit of Christmas and learn to appreciate his family.
Pride, Prejudice, and MistletoeTomorrow, 12:00 PM / HALMRK 68An entrepreneurial woman decides to spend Christmas in her hometown, where she joins forces with a former rival to plan a charity event together, but as she starts to spend time with her family, she finds herself mending past relationships.
Nostalgic ChristmasTomorrow, 12:00 PM / HALLMV 84When a woman visits the small town in Maine where she grew up, she learns that her dad is set to sell his toy store and retire from his wood-carving career, also the town's lumber mill is up for sale, possibly making this her last Christmas there.
Puppy Dog Pals - A Very Pug Christmas; The Latke KerfuffleTomorrow, 1:10 PM / DISNEYJR 179When Bob's very special Christmas gift goes missing from Santa Claus' sleigh, Bingo and Rolly join in to help Santa search for the lost present; Bingo and Rolly help Bob cook latkes for his neighbor's traditional Hanukkah party.
Small Town Big Deal - Christmas Then and NowTomorrow, 1:30 PM / YOUTOOAMER 134/ NewHost Rodney Miller, Georgia farmer and antique tractor and equipment enthusiast, travels to small towns across rural America to investigate noteworthy places and to celebrate and preserve the culture and tradition of the American small town.
Christmas at the ChateauTomorrow, 1:30 PM / SHOWMW 252A group of sisters attempt to save a historic mansion and beloved family home in their town from a corrupt bank that plans to foreclose on Christmas, but things get complicated when a sister falls in love with one of the bankers.
Deck the HallsTomorrow, 1:40 PM / FAM-E 52As two neighbors in a small town prepare for the festivities of Christmas, they get into an all-out war when one decides to decorate his home with so many lights that they are visible from space, but they soon learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Staging ChristmasTomorrow, 2:00 PM / LIF-E 38A home stager is surprised when a wealthy widower, who is not looking to sell his house, tasks her with staging his home in the hope of recovering his daughters holiday cheer, and she finds herself growing closer to the family as she works.
Once Upon a Christmas MiracleTomorrow, 2:00 PM / HALMRK 68After a young woman is told that she has less than a few months to live without a liver transplant, she meets a Marine, who is a perfect match and whose organ donation could save her life, and they soon develop a friendship which leads to romance.
A Merry Christmas MatchTomorrow, 2:00 PM / HALLMV 84A young woman lives in a popular ski village and also works at a local antique shop, and when a young man, who was recently named as a "Christmas Catch" comes into her shop, sparks fly, and she starts to wonder what could be.
T.O.T.S. - Santa Baby; Shear MadnessTomorrow, 2:30 PM / DISNEYJR 179Pip and Freddy attempt to teach the joy of giving during Christmas to a magical baby reindeer; Pip and Freddy frantically try to figure out how to fix the situation when they mistakenly shave all the wool off a baby sheep.
Doc McStuffins - A Very McStuffins ChristmasTomorrow, 3:00 PM / DISNEYJR 179Donny's Christmas present is just about ready for delivery until Tobias the elf accidentally breaks off an important piece of the gift; hoping to have Donny's present fixed before Christmas, Doc journeys to Santa's workshop at the North Pole.
Spookley and the Christmas KittensTomorrow, 3:25 PM / DISNEYJR 179Spookley the Square Pumpkin and Mistletoe stumble upon three kittens who are searching for a home in the middle of a strong winter storm, but the two friends could be just the help they need if they all agree to work together.
Buttons: A Christmas TaleTomorrow, 3:29 PM / STRZFK 274Two orphan girls' only wish is to find a home for Christmas, and when they meet two unexpected visitors, they turn out to be their guardian angels who, with a little help, turn the tide of events and change their lives forever.
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole ChristmasTomorrow, 3:45 PM / FAM-E 52A spiteful, heartless creature concocts a plan to disguise himself as Santa Claus and steal Christmas from the happy town that lies beneath his mountain abode, but it is he who is in for a surprise when Christmas morning finally dawns.
A Welcome Home ChristmasTomorrow, 4:00 PM / LIF-E 38While supporting her local military chapter's Christmas toy drive, a woman is partnered with a veteran who has recently returned home, and as they organize the annual Christmas ball for the kids, they begin to form a special bond with each other.
Christmas Under WrapsTomorrow, 4:00 PM / HALMRK 68A driven doctor is denied a prestigious position that she hoped to achieve and she moves to a remote town in Alaska; she befriends many of the townspeople and is presented with an opportunity to put her goals aside for romance; holiday secret.
A Blue Ridge Mountain ChristmasTomorrow, 4:00 PM / HALLMV 84When a hotel manager returns to her hometown in Virginia to help her sister plan a Christmas wedding at the inn that her family once owned, she must work with the current owner and a single dad who wants to let go of the past.
Gilmore Girls - Forgiveness and StuffTomorrow, 4:00 PM / UP 145Lorelai is told not to attend her parent's Christmas party; Luke rushes Lorelai to the hospital when she learns that her father collapsed during holiday festivities; Lane gives Rory advice about the right Christmas gift for Dean.
...continued in part 3
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2020.12.01 05:57 aidyfarman The AJJ Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2020

Hey there folks, I’m back with another wrap-up of the happenings in the world of AJJ lately. Now, you might realise there was no wrap-up last month. No, I didn’t forget, but rather, with everything going on in the world (let’s face it; the US election), I decided to let folks focus on something that was a whole lot less fun, but a lot more important. Personally, as someone who doesn’t live in America, but is married to an American, I was watching the events of last month with bated breath, and frequently turned to the works of AJJ as a form of solace.
Anywho, let’s get onto the wrap-up!
New Music & Patreob:
For this month, I’m combining these two topics, namely since, while we haven’t gotten any real studio released of late, we have however been receiving sporadic music by way of their Patreon.
Recently, we’ve received the following audio:
But most notably, we also received full-band covers of “”You Swan, Go On” by Mount Eerie, and “Motor Away” by Guided By Voices. By full band, it’s Sean, Ben, and Owen, but they’re recorded with the great Jalipaz at Audioconfusion, and is the closest thing to a “new song” we’ve had in a little while.
Not sure what Patreon is? Here’s my usual write-up of it:
As many folks here would already be aware, AJJ launched a Patreob back in early July, giving themselves a brand new way to connect with fans. You can sign up now for $9.99 USD per month, or utilise the Tip Jar tier for $1. To date, 521 people have signed up, but once they hit 666 they’ll be hosting a “giveaway for a signed and doodled Yamaha guitar for our patrons”. If you’re wondering about whether to sign up yet, here’s an idea of what you’re missing out on:
As per the band's website, there's currently no live shows scheduled for this year, and frankly, we'd be lucky if things improved to make touring an option at any time in the near future. However, for those of you in the US, a number of shows appear to have been rescheduled for 2021. Of course, take these with a grain of salt considering that (from the point of view who works in the music industry) touring doesn't look like it'll return in full force for quite some time.
The group’s UK tour will ostensibly be rescheduled for 2021, but don’t take this as official until the band announce dates themselves.
Live From Quarantine:
However, if you’re feeling a little eager to see the band performing live, maybe head on over to the AJJ Instagram page where Sean performs semi-regular live sessions. For those in time zones where the sessions don’t quite match up to a prime viewing time (or folks like me whose daily midday work meetings take place when Sean goes live), you can also catch them over on YouTube after Mark uploads them.
These were originally daily sessions, though they've become a little sporadic of late. For those wondering what has been played, when it was played, or if you're trying to work out the best performance to check out, a handful of users are keeping track with all the info you need:
Now, this is pretty lean, as per usual, but that’s mainly because of everything going on in the world. Notably, a few new pieces of merchandise have been added to the store (which is cool), but apart from that, it’s pretty much business as usual.
As a result, I’d love to hear from folks whether they want these wrap-ups to keep going, or if I should wait until there’s a bit more substance in the world of AJJ. I’m fine either way, but I don’t want to be annoying folks with updates that could very easily be found with a cursory look towards the band’s socials accounts.
As always, if I’ve missed anything, let me know! In the meantime, be safe, be well, and I’ll see you around the place! :)
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2020.12.01 05:31 daqueenrach Seems like my first outbreak- I am freaking out. Please help. female

Hi guys. My last intercourse was a week ago and I started showing symptoms about 2-3 days ago. At first I thought it was a razor burn and I got my std testing 2 weeks back and tested negative so I didn’t think too much on it. Fast forward to today I wake up and saw that my sores look more like blisters and it’s been spreading.
I set up an appointment with my OBGYN right away and the doc thinks it’s most likely herpes. I got started on the meds right away and awaiting test results but I am so mad, in disbelief and I am so hurt and lost right now...
I was so careful. He gave oral sex but we used condoms and I disclosed that I was clean and tested and he said he did also. I am so mad and hurt I can’t believe this is happening to me.
I feel so dirty and I feel like no one will ever love me in the future. And even if I decide to dive into the dating scene again, I don’t know how to disclose with future partners and for them to be accepting of it.
If anyone can give me an advice on talking to my past partners (I had 2 in the last 2 months) that would be great also.
I am so hurt right now and mad at the world but trying to handle this rationally- ie. awaiting test results before disclosing it and not assigning blames to anyone.
Any advice is appreciate as to how to handle symptoms, how to talk to past and future partners!
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2020.12.01 04:00 anneps [SELL][US][Perfumes, Makeup, Bath and Body] A little of a lot of brands!

Hello! I am only selling within the US. Smoke free home, but I do have 2 cats. Shipping will be $4. Please see my spreadsheet here for fill lines and notes. I also have a makeup tab and freebies tab on the spreadsheet. Open to offers, especially for multiples! I just marked down a bunch of stuff too!
Alchemic Muse
Castaway, 1ml, $1
Marzipan, 2.5ml decant, $4
Enkindled Spring, 1ml, $2
Kintsukoroi, 1ml, $2
Sadzi, 1ml, $2
1891, 1ml, $1
Falling Stars at Winter Solstice, 1ml, $1
Mesnee d’Hellequin, 1ml, $1
Blooddrop (Now Astrid)
Whinnies no. 8 2018, 7ml, $7
Bergamot, Orange Blossom, and Vetiver, 5ml, $15
Morocco, 5ml, $6
Cocoa Pink
Sugar Cookies, 1ml decant, $1
Conjure Oils
Step on a Crack, 1ml, $2
Darling Clandestine
Bete Noire, 10ml, $8
Death and Floral
May Forever Nap, sample dropper, $2
Haus of Gloi
Who Needs Love, 1ml, $1
Ghost Puffs, 5ml, $9
Goofballs, 1ml, $1
Olympic Orchids
Carolina, 1ml, $2
Cathy, 3ml, $3
Blanket, 1.5ml, $2
Marble Kiss, 4 oz Mist, $7
Solstice Scents
Old Havana, 1ml, $1
Tropical Moon, 5ml Glace Decant, $4
Get Off Me Nature, dram, $3
Spirituese Double Vanilla, 1ml, $1
Twinkle Apothecary
Backyard, solid, $8
Bad B*tch, 5ml, $9
Date Night, 5ml edp, $9
Mood, 5ml, $9
Oeillet Nouveau, solid, $5
Edit 09, 1ml, $1
Dry Shampoo, 2oz jar, $8
Wicked Good
Belladonna, solid, $1
Polynesian, sample, $1
Wilderness Lodge, sample, $1
Epically Epic
Santa Fe Springtime, 2 oz lotion, $4
Spicy Sandalwood, 2.5 oz Hydrating Mist, $7
Dolce & Gabbana
Light Blue, 3.3 oz, $40 shipped OBO
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2020.12.01 01:24 LAThrowaway91925 Is it even possible that an MRI could be continued if a metal object was seen floating in the abdominal cavity, and that object is (probably) ferrous?

EDIT, Wednesday 12/2: Finally I have X-Ray (same date as MRI) Imaging for you all. I'm going to comment below and tag those who replied to ensure you get a a chance to check them out.
It looks a heck of a lot smaller than it did in my memory, and though the size is very similar to what can be seen in my fusion, I don't see actual missing hardware. I'm definitely no expert (if that's not clear already), but I don't believe I have anything like this actual object even in the actual lumbar fusion site at all.
I still apparently need a completely separate physician to order new X-Rays, so right now I'd really just like someone to tell me if they believe it is (was) in my digestive tract and/or should I be more concerned, taking certain steps, etc.
Any advice is still very much appreciated.
Edit, Tuesday 12/1: Was told disc would be ready for pickup today at 3pm PST. Turns out the X-Rays still need information added to the report. I'm told they'll be ready tomorrow (Thursday). Will post then.🤞
Edit to add: I am seeing the physician that requested the scan in 36 hours. I'm only attempting to gain some sort of understanding and others' viewpoints, but I'm not being complacent.
  • Yes, this is real. I honestly thought, due to the lackadaisical attitude of the main tech, that this happens all the time. Guess I'm a unicorn.
  • I'll have copies of the X-Rays tomorrow afternoon, and will update this post. Ya'll are going to love this.
End of edit
I posted in medical advice, but I have much more faith in your ability to answer this odd question.
I'm copying my post below,, but...
tl;dr: 11/24/20 ~3yr post-op 4-level titanium hardware L3-S1 fusion, etc,.¹: "Void" seen on MRI. ¹First X-Ray linked is 4 months post-op
Rushed to X-Ray (I will have images tomorrow, but saw them), foreign object easily identified as a metal nut -- told it "appears (though not 100%) to be in my digestive tract, hanging out near my left kidney". The MRI was continued and completed without incident.
My question(s):
  • Could or should the MRI actually have been safely continued if I had ingested this, likely iron-based object? ²Nonferrous metals are expensive, no? If I did accidentally ingest this (at least)¼-½" nut, isn't it at least very likely it was indeed nonferrous since no issues transpired?
  • The Rad Tech seemed amused (I was, too! This isn't a dig, it was fascinating), but also unconcerned, and at the very least quite certain this nut could not have migrated to this position from my fusion, although it is already noted I have lose screws in my fusion, and no one has discussed if there are missing or dislodged fusion hardware.
What's your first impression? I'm confused mostly because of the contradictions -- If I I've swallowed it, the likelihood of it being nonferrous is extremely low (kitchen appliances wouldn't have high-end hardware, right)? I'm also a diligent chewer, I just don't see how or when this happened, but I am not ruling out the possibility. (You simply never know!)
Am I right? Their deciding to continue the scan leads me to believe that it was very likely to be titanium/similar, and therefore also very likely to have been from my fusion...
Just seeking a professional opinion, and also advice on where to go next. I was given literally no advice or instructions.
Thanks in advance!
Original Post on AskDocs:
• 36
• F
• 6'0"
• 180lbs
• Caucasion
• Duration: Acute(?)
• Location: Abdominal(?)
• Any existing relevant medical issues (if any) // Migraines, Spinal Fusion wth hardware (L3-S1, Laminectomy, etc.; January 2018
• Current medications: Aimovig (140mg Injection monthly) (Oxycodone (low dose, as needed), Imitrex, Cyxlobenzaprine 10mg 3x/Day
• Include a photo if relevant (Will have soon)
(Absolutely no history of Pica, fyi)
I had a scheduled MRI to check on my Spinal Fusion (nearly 3 years post-op) due to ongoing pain.
Immediately, the technician stopped the scan and asked about anything in my abdominal cavity that could be metal -- aside from my 4-level fusion (and clips from a gallbladder removal), I said no.
The scan showed a large void in the area of the (left-side) abdomen just underneath the ribcage.
We immediately went for an X-Ray, in which there's an obvious a metal nut where this void was initially seen.
  1. I had X-Rays of my spine 9/30/20, which did show a loose screw in my fusion along with other potential issues, but today I was told they believe it showed enough of my abdomen that the screw should have been seen had it existed at that time, in the same space.
  2. I do not eat much, and when I do, I am a diligent chewer. I honestly think the likelihood of my swallowing a nut this size (guess is at least 1/2+ inch diameter) without noticing is incredibly small.
  3. There was no Barium/CT/etc. It is only estimated that the nut is in the digestive tract through positioning -- This, I'm told, is also more likely simply because they can't imagine how it would have migrated from elsewhere.
  4. They decided it was safe to continue, and finished the MRI thereafter.
My questions: (Which I attempted to ask, but really got no clear answers -- I didn't press, I know that Rad Techs can't really go into detail):
  • Would them continuing with the MRI mean it was nonferrous? Doesn't this mean it's much more unlikely to have been ingested?
    • My fusion rods, screws, etc. are titanium.
  • Should the radiologist be able to tell me if the nut is actually from my fusion/see missing hardware? This info, of course, was not immediately available.
  • Should I do more than simply wait? I have a follow-up with the doctor that ordered the MRI in one week, but I've been given no instructions but to (hope and) let it pass.
I understand it's possible to have swallowed this without knowing, but honestly I can't swallow small pills without plenty of effort and water; With the weight and size of this object, I can't see myself doing so.
Every single search I make talks about accidental swallowing, but never "completely unaware" -- I get that it's unlikely to have migrated from my fusion, but would really like a little bit of advice or an opinion of another medical professional that is removed from the situation, and I'm just too curious not to ask.
I'm happy to answer any questions that might assist!
Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.30 14:58 inkedillusions [F4M character] Straight Hallmark Romance Trash [21+] [multi-para to novella] [LT] [3rd]

I need a partner that can play the male lead in a MxF romance. Writer doesn’t matter as long as you’re capable - guy, girl, robot, undecided, lizard person, whatever.
I want to go fully Hallmark. Cheesy, angsty, maybe Holiday themed? I’m here for it.
Your job is to bring me the Hallmark style romance plot of your dreams. Small town country star? Holiday Prince? Military hero home on leave? The faux Thanksgiving date that becomes something more? A knight who’s magical amulet transports him to the future? (For the love, please respond with an actual elaboration of something here if not your own plot. Just saying ‘military hero’ or ‘country star’ is a complete lack of effort.) Bring me the tropes and cliche’s.
I anticipate this will probably be a modern thing, but if you’ve got an idea that suits some other time period, I’m open to that too.
Looking for someone to click with. Feel free to respond again if you did before and have new ideas, or didn’t follow up.
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2020.11.30 14:57 inkedillusions [F4M character] Straight Hallmark Romance Trash [21+] [multi-para to novella] [LT] [3rd]

I need a partner that can play the male lead in a MxF romance. Writer doesn’t matter as long as you’re capable - guy, girl, robot, undecided, lizard person, whatever.
I want to go fully Hallmark. Cheesy, angsty, maybe Holiday themed? I’m here for it.
Your job is to bring me the Hallmark style romance plot of your dreams. Small town country star? Holiday Prince? Military hero home on leave? The faux Thanksgiving date that becomes something more? A knight who’s magical amulet transports him to the future? (For the love, please respond with an actual elaboration of something here if not your own plot. Just saying ‘military hero’ or ‘country star’ is a complete lack of effort.) Bring me the tropes and cliche’s.
I anticipate this will probably be a modern thing, but if you’ve got an idea that suits some other time period, I’m open to that too.
Looking for someone to click with. Feel free to respond again if you did before and have new ideas, or didn’t follow up.
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