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Keren wants my "manager" to escort her 30 yards beacus she "don't live here"

2019.09.19 00:20 Zakun534 Keren wants my "manager" to escort her 30 yards beacus she "don't live here"

Sorry for formating, on mobile. Some context. I work at an air port in Sweden for one of Scandinavias largest airlines. We are currently working on making the whole check in proses self-service, but if the process fails for some reason we still have manual check in desks. For this incident I was siting at one of those.
I had been siting at the desk for a while whitout something to do, so when a lady in her late 20s to mid 30s came up to me I was reliefed to have something to do. The conversation began something like this: me: Good morning, what can I help you with? Keren: Hi, I booked a flight to London last night but never got the confermation email, so I can't do the self check in. Me: no worries I'll just check you in here. So I do my thing and and find her booking. (So to explain what haped with it. We can still find old or cancelled booking in the system, but whitout a walid e-ticket number it doesn't "work", you can't check in and fly on it. and that is what had happend to hers) Me believing it has some thing to do with the fact that she bought the ticket the day before tell her that it seems to be something wrong whit the walidation of her e-ticket and I have to cal our ticket office to check it out. Keren seems a bit irritated but still calm (not for long) The ticket office tell me that her ticket has been "aouto-cancelled" and it's probably because her payment didn't go through properly. Here begins the (not so) fun part. Me: Unfortunately it seems that your ticket got cancelled by the system so your choic- Keren: UNACCEPTABLE! (think lemongrab) I PAID FOR A TICKET SO I'M GONNA BE ON THAT PLANE! me:If you let me finish I would have come to the part were I tell you what to do. Keren: NO, DO YOUR JOB AND CHECK ME IN! me:mam, I can't work magic. You have to go to our ticket office that is just aro- Keren: I DEMAND TO SPEAK WITH YOUR MANAGER! me: absolutely let me just cal them. While waiting for the back office to pickup the phone keren is half shouting and half muttering (don't ask me how) about how unbelievable it is and that it is unacceptable. Back office answers and I briefly explain the situation to them, they send out a manager (well technically a supervisor) it takes a few minutes for the supervisor to get to my desk so I try to jet again tell the Keren that we can't do ennything here even if a supervisor comes over. Keren: BUT I DON'T HAVE ANNY DATA ON MY PHONE SO I CAN'T BOOK A NEW TICKET, DO IT FOR ME! Me: Absolutely, but we can't do it here. As I have been telling you, you need to go to the ticket office over there. I point in the general direction of the ticket office. Keren:I DON'T LIVE HERE, I DON'T KNOW WE'RE TO GO. YOU'LL HAVE TO ESCORT ME THERE! me:mam I really can't do that, I have other dutys to attend to. It's just a couple of meter straight forwards and you'll see it on the lefthand side around that corner over there. I again point in the direction of the office. Keren: AND I TOLD YOU, I. DON'T. LIVE. HERE. I'LL GET LOST. me: you really can't miss it. Keren:THEN CAN YOUR MANAGER ESCORT ME THERE?! ME: you'll have to talk with her about that. And with perfect timing my supervisor just arrived at my desk. Before I can get a singel word in keren shrikes : ARE YOU THE MANAGER!?! SPRV: yes I am. Keren:THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, I BOOKED A TICKET AND NOW THEY SAY IT'S CANCELLED? I NEVER GOT ANNY INFORMATION.. and so on. My supervisor slip around the desk to look at my screen, I tell her what I got from the ticket office. SPRV basicly tell the keren the same things I did... Keren: I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, WILL YOU AT LEAST ESCORT ME THERE!!?! My supervisor being extremely nice to her (undeservingly if you ask me) said yes and led her away. While walking I here keren say extreamly sarcasticly over her shoulder :THANKS FOR THE HELP! Unfortunately this is one of these stories that have a unsatisfactory ending but I don't know what happened after that.
TL;dr Kerens ticket payment didn't go through so she demands my supervisor to escort her 30 yards to the ticket office at the end of the hall
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2017.02.11 16:33 kanikkefly Andre med flyskrekk/andre grunner til at de ikke kan fly? Kjenner noen?

Jeg er i starten av 20-årene. Jeg kan ikke fly, pga medisinske årsaker. Derfor er dette dessverre ikke noe som kan løses med flyskrekk-kurs el.
Det er kanskje åpenbart, men det suger å ikke kunne reise lettvint til andre land. Jeg har vært på noen bilferier i Europa, men har egentlig aldri fått opplevd noen spennende land eller kulturer.
Jeg er ung, singel, og har masse feriedager (og penger) jeg gjerne skulle brukt på spennende reiser i år. Mens alle vennene mine backpacker jorda rundt, drar på helgeturer til London, sommerferier i Thailand og utdrinkningslag i Vegas, må jeg bli hjemme.
Noen som "sliter" med den samme situasjonen som eg her, eller har noen vennefamilie som heller ikke flyr?
Hva gjør dere i ferier? Har dere noen tips til hva jeg kan finne på? Jeg kan ikke fly i det hele tatt, trives lite godt på ferger og tog, men å kjøre bil langt er ikke noe problem!
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