Eu amo pdf is a platform for academics to share research papers. Title: Eu te amo: Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim: Lyricist: Chico Buarque: Author: Antonio Carlos Jobim Chico Buarque: Date: 1980: Note: Gravações: Chico Buarque / Telma Costa / Antonio Carlos Jobim (LP - Vida / 1980), Grupo Chovendo na Roseira (LP - Interpreta Tom Jobim / 1988), Quarteto em Cy e MPB4 (CD - Bate boca / 1997). Requirement the AMO’s comply with the air carriers CAMP. • Added a new appendix 8, SIS Audit of EU-located, FAA-certificated AMO • RII inspectional personnel different than the personnel that performed the maintenance task • (b) AMO to receive written approval from the air carrier. • Added provision in Appendix 7. The FAA Concreto Armado Eu Te Amo (Manoel Henrique Campos Botelho & Osvaldemar Marchetti) Converta qualquer PDF para Word editável. Exatidão da conversão de PDF para DOC e DOCX de quase 100% iLovePDF é um serviço online para trabalhar com arquivos PDF totalmente gratuito e fácil de usar. Combinar PDF, dividir PDF, comprimir PDF, Office para PDF, PDF para JPG e muito mais! In 2004, AMO was commissioned by the European Union to study its visual communication, and designed a coloured 'barcode' flag – combining the flags of all member states – that was used during the Austrian presidency of the EU. AMO has worked with Universal Studios, Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, Heineken, Ikea, Condé Nast, Harvard ...

CO2, no detectable effects on German temperatures

2020.09.24 20:54 LackmustestTester CO2, no detectable effects on German temperatures

A current analysis of German weather data shows:
What is the cause of the "climate leap" in 1988 that looks like it happend globally? German DER SPIEGEL 1988 and the NYT 1988 - the german paper notes Jan.-May.. The max. temperature reached then was 15.44°C.
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2020.09.22 09:50 peter_j_ [EVENT] Planet Futures: The Integrated Canadian Defence and Security Review, 2021


The Canadian Military's clear goals, outlined in 2017's defence review Strong, Secure, Engaged show Canada's trajectory in the use and supply for our military into the mid 21st Century. The goals in internation interventions are to engage forces hostile to freedom and democracy, and use our restrained withdrawl to challenge those powers which - whilst they may be strategically useful cooperators - aggressively dehumanise and debilitate people. In this, Canada stands squarely shoulder-to-shoulder with other Global Powers, most notably the EU, Japan, and others, and our goal is simply the advance of peace and freedom. This review will examine the key deployments and acquisitions that are currently being undertaken by the Canadian State and its military, to assess their usefulnees, efficiency, and effectiveness, in delivering our stated goals.
Also to be examined are the direct benefits to the Canadian people, of military acquisitions and deployments. Whilst sometimes it is necessary for Canada to help share the cost of intervening in the national lives of those not our own, these should be seen as the exception rather than the rule. The rule being that Canada should feel its military adds to the overall positive experience of Canadians, and that, as per the 2017 review, focuses on jobs, economic growth, and market benefits for Canadians, but it also emphasises where Canada's sense of the military as "other" to the life of an ordinary Canadian. The Review will attempt to highlight where there is extensive disconnect between the goals of the military, and the goals of ordinary Canadians, and attempt to reduce or bridge that gap where possible.


The future security environment presents a vast array of complex defence and security challenges that transcend national borders. In order to keep pace with our allies and ensure the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) commitments are met, as well as outpace our potential adversaries, it is imperative that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) prioritizes efforts to design our future force. The Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program has built DND/CAF capacity to do experimentation in a new and different way. The IDEaS program was designed to be complementary to DND internal research programs expertise towards solving defence and security challenges and will provide $1.6 billion of financial resources and human resources over a 20 year period.
In FY 2020-21, DND/CAF will be leveraging defence analytics to align efforts and expenditures to deliver an initial operational capability for enterprise-wide reporting and analytics to inform ST&I decisions. Advance research in the future of cyber warfare to improve and strengthen both defensive and offensive capabilities will be rolled out faster, and additional budget growth to accommodate the need to have sharper and more cohesive eyes in Cyberspace will be commensurate. Maritime Monitoring and Messaging Micro-satellite (M3MSat) will demonstrate the collection of capabilities of a space-based Automatic Identification System (AIS), receiving and locating signals transmitted by vessels, which can be combined with RADARSAT-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images, to provide improved management of marine traffic in Canadian waters.
Though most Army projects contain a C4ISR component – even improving operations in remote regions has a communications requirement – the Land C4ISR program has been narrowed to six core projects, often referred to as SSE 42 for their number in the defence policy:
Beyond the core six projects – which are all in the options analysis phase of the procurement process – the C4ISR program is also coordinating with several related projects, including joint fires modernization, ground-based air defence (GBAD), Light Forces enhancement, and the LAV reconnaissance and surveillance system upgrade. GBAD, for instance, will require a high-speed network to connect a sensor, such as the medium range radar, to a shooter. Unless that network can relay that information and engage the incoming threat within a few seconds, the system will have limited effect. In total, the Army is preparing to spend between $3 billion and $7 billion on C4ISR-related projects over the next decade. But without a more agile approach to procurement, there is a danger that the Army could be pricing capability in the options analysis phase that will be obsolete by the time it is eventually fielded.
With that in mind, future procurement options across the rest of the Armed Forces must have an especially sharp focus on C4ISR and battlefield management in digital space, and include AI and AI development in all systems.


The Canadian Land Forces are coming to the end of a large-scale advancement of wheeled infantry and cavalry vehicles, with the LAV fleet due to be fully upgraded to LAV-VI standard by 2021, with upgraded vehicles ready to serve in our formations until 2035. These will be augmented by new purchases of 360 of these vehicles, which will replace aged Bison) and M113 fleets in the Combat Support role. The review finds that amongst these vehicles, notable weaknesses in the actual combat capability of the Infantry and Cavalry regiments who use them. Canada's three Mechanised Brigades, our primary formations, must have access to sufficient firepower, and many core systems - such as Mortars, ATGMs, and larger calibre direct fire cannons, are notably old or lacking. We must seek to improve our firing systems to make our formations more efficient in the delivery of fires. These examples serve as both an illustration, and as direct action items for procurement committees into the 2020s:


Canada is a Maritime country, with three Oceans fronting our large nation. Our responsibility to ensure our territorial integrity, and to conduct ecologically sensitive monitoring over the entire area is our primary focus. Secondarily, the expeditionary potential afforded to us by more capable platforms, and the need to support NATO, and ensure our engagement with the international community remains connected, means we must also ensure we have the means to do those things.


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2020.07.08 14:56 xDark0x Levei um fora da minha ex que ainda amo

Olá! Então, é minha primeira vez aqui escrevendo, e estou um pouco nervosa pois nunca fiz isso antes, tenho dificuldades em falar sobre o que sinto e tal, mas chegou à um ponto em que realmente preciso desabafar. Vou explicar tudo com datas pra ficar mais fácil. Ultimamente venho passado por uma série de eventos os quais me deixaram muito mal. Tenho uma ex namorada, a primeira e única com quem me comprometi até hoje (tenho 18 anos), em março de 2018 conheci ela através de uma amiga e desde então nos demos muito bem. Desde que a conheci já despertou um interesse e sentimento em mim. Tínhamos várias coisas em comum, gostos musicais, forma de ver o mundo e afins. Logo nos tornamos muito próximas, confiavamos tudo uma na outra e após uma jogada de charme aqui, umas coisinhas românticas ali (kkk) Consegui conquista-la. Isso em junho. Namoramos por 6 meses, muito felizes, mas devido uma interferência da família dela, que ficou sabendo de nós duas por intermédio de uma professora do colégio que conhece a mãe dela, (fdp fofoqueira) tivemos que nos separar. A mãe dela me contatou e com base em ameaças de contar à minha família, me fez confessar nosso relacionamento. Depois que o sangue esfriou e fiquei "mais calma", me senti muito mal, pois senti que à traí, me senti mal por acreditar na mãe dela (que considerando a pessoa que é não merece confiança) que disse não fazer nada com ela se eu falasse tudo. Paramos de nos falar, e como já era dezembro, estavamos de férias e não nos víamos (só tínhamos oportunidade de nos ver na escola). Só no ano seguinte, no primeiro dia de aula consegui contata-la e descobri da forma mais dolorosa possível que não sentia mais nada por mim e me odiava pelo que fiz. Me senti péssima, por ainda à amar e pela situação em si, que não saía da minha cabeça. Tivemos só essa conversa e depois nos distanciamos novamente (por escolha dela). Lá pra junho do ano passado, ela começou a dar sinais de querer voltar a falar comigo, depois de longas conversas sobre esse assunto, finalmente nos entendemos, mas não totalmente da forma como gostaria. Ela disse novamente não me amar mais. Foi doloroso, mesmo já tendo ouvido-a dizer antes. Ela estava passando por momentos terríveis com a família. Não é uma pessoa tão fácil de lidar (a criação ajudou um pouco nisso), então falar com ela naquela época foi bem complicado. Queria ajudá-la mas ela não permitia que eu o fizesse. Arduamente fui conquistando a confiança dela, até que desabafava comigo e eu tentava ajudar da forma como podia. Aos poucos ela foi melhorando e fomos resgatando a amizade e por ainda nutrir sentimentos românticos por ela, as vezes dava umas cantadinhas bobas, mas as vezes sérias também (Claro que não no momento que ela estava fragilizada, mas sim nos de descontração, para deixar bem claro). Em setembro nos aproximamos mais e finalmente consegui com que ela demonstrasse gostar de mim da mesma forma que eu dela. Pouco tempo depois a família novamente descobriu a gente, da mesma forma que da outra vez, mas dessa, eu estava de certa forma mais forte. Bom, consegui conversar com a mãe dela sem demonstrar medo pelo menos. Chegamos à conclusão de que realmente não dava pra ficarmos próximas na escola. e em meio à isso tudo, pedi ela em namoro pela segunda vez. Dessa, não mantinhamos o contato de antes, muito raramente ficávamos juntas, já que ela era de outra turma. mas passando o tempo começamos à relaxar um pouquinho e passar ainda mais tempo juntas, sempre que podíamos, porém com mais cautela. Dessa vez, durou 2 meses e meio, de outubro à metade de janeiro. Ela terminou comigo de novo, não por deixar de sentir, mas eu estava passando por questões pessoais (que até hoje estou lidando, e que me incomoda bastante falar). Como ela além de namorada era minha melhor amiga, falei com ela por mensagem sobre o assunto, e depois de conversar, de um dia inteiro completamente estranho e nós indiferentes, eu por me sentir mal por estar daquele jeito, ela acredito que por não estar acreditando e por lamentar a situação, no fim do dia ela terminou tudo. Foi terrível pra mim, confesso que fiquei com raiva de certa forma, pois queria ela do meu lado para enfrentar aquilo, eu estava apavorada sem saber o que se passava direito na minha cabeça. Mas no fundo, por trás de tanto sentimento ruim, entendia que era direito dela. Era total direito dela decidir onde ficar e até onde pode aguentar também, nunca foi uma relação fácil, e não posso exigir de alguém o que eu faria dentro da relação sendo que somos pessoas diferentes. Ainda mantinhamos contato, mas de forma meio estranha, até que ela começou a demorar muito para responder e por fim, sumir por dois meses. No aniversário dela em maio, fiz um pdf com várias mensagens e desenhos (felizmente sou boa com desenhos) e mandei para o email dela, isso sem muita pretenção, apenas como forma de carinho. Depois de 7 dias me respondeu pedindo desculpas por não ter visto já que não olhava o email (algo totalmente válido pois também não olho hehe) e dizendo que se eu quisesse voltar a manter contato que gostaria. Voltamos a nos falar por outra rede, diferente da que nos falávamos antes, e foi tudo muito bem, ainda demorava para responder, mas não posso cobrar já que deve ter as ocupações dela, assim como tenho as minhas. Embora sempre dê aquele desapontamento e dúvida sobre ser "importante" ou não kkk. E à partir de agora voltamos ao que está acontecendo atualmente. (Estou resumindo o máximo que posso pra não ficar maior do que já está.) Há umas três semanas, em uma conversa casual ela perguntou brincando se eu ainda sentia o mesmo por ela, e eu muito envergonhada disse que sim. No outro dia, acordo com um texto dela (ela gosta muito de escrever) falando sobre amor, sobre estar apaixonada por alguém que sempre atrai ela de volta e por isso quer manter em segredo. Automaticamente me animei e fiquei profundamente feliz, "ela ainda me ama!" Pensei. E dessa vez sem eu mesma ter que correr atrás. Escrevi algo respondendo à ela e mandei uma letra de música que gostava muito pra que ela ouvisse. Ela disse que escreveu aquilo aleatoriamente, mas sabe quando você vê que a verdade não é aquilo que a pessoa diz? Enfim. Foram assim as últimas três semanas, com textos românticos que se encaixam perfeitamente na nossa história, respostas minhas, e mais textos que também mandava pra ela. Ela sempre respondia dizendo que ficaram muito bonitas as coisas que escrevi, e era o mesmo que eu dizia para os dela, obviamente direcionados para uma pessoa, mas que por conta da primeira fala dela de querer "manter em segredo" eu não entrava em detalhes, embora estivesse crente de que eram para mim. Textinho vai textinho vem, perguntei se o que ela escrevia era para alguém (Isso já confiante de mim, mas queria que "confessasse") depois de enrolar um pouco para falar, acabou dizendo e era o nome de outra garota :) Fiquei sem entender nada, não sabia como reagir. Me senti uma idiota por ter imaginado que era pra mim e ao mesmo não entendia como aquilo encaixava tanto em nós e em outra situação. Não conheço a menina, mas aparentemente não à corresponde, enfim. Me senti tão mal, principalmente por ter pensado que as coisas eram pra mim e ter descoberto de uma forma tão brusca. Fui conversar com ela para tentar esclarecer tudo e foi até bem rude ao responder. Disse que não via mais futuro em nós e não queria mais a confusão que era "estar comigo". Isso aconteceu ontem, e até agora não sai da minha cabeça. Dormi pensando nisso da mesma forma que acordei hoje e foi a primeira coisa que veio à cabeça. Não é a primeira vez que acontece situações que me deixam assim, em relação à ela. As vezes parece que estamos em um looping infinito sabe? Pois sempre passamos pelos mesmos momentos, desde os complicados, aos de investidas minhas e a "volta do amor" dela, que é algo que me deixa com muitas dúvidas por dentro, pois poxa, que amor é esse que eu preciso ir atrás? E sinceramente, isso me deixa com tantos questionamentos e angústias, eu realmente à amo, e me sinto uma idiota por isso. Eu odeio me sentir dessa forma sabe? As vezes odeio ser dessa forma. Me sinto idiota por ser tão intensa em ralação aos sentimentos, principalmente numa época em que isso é pouco levado em conta por muita gente. Ocorre um misto de emoções, angústia, tristeza... Por tudo que já aconteceu e pelo que estou sentindo agora. Tenho dúvidas reais sobre nosso fututo, não sei o que pode acontecer conosco, se podemos ficar juntas, ou se realmente estamos fadadas à seguir caminhos diferentes; e isso é uma das coisas que mais me apavora, não saber o que irá acontecer, se esse sentimento por ela vale realmente a pena ou estou apenas perdendo tempo em minha vida, numa coisa que não terá fundamento. Me sinto afogada nesse misto de sensações, sentimentos de amor e tristeza que não sei como fazer passar.
Não sei se alguém vai ler até o final porque realmente ficou enorme kkk, mas de qualquer forma já vale o desabafo. Não tenho ninguém para falar sobre isso
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2020.05.19 15:00 tellmemarina eu odeio ead

dormir em quase todas aulas faz com que eu me sinta a maior procrastinadora da terra, mas simplesmente quando não durmo acontece todas as merdas possíveis, página recarrega sozinha, o áudio trava e hoje simplesmente meu prof ficou sem energia na casa dele. meodeos eu só queria uma aulinha presencial, ser caloura da forma certa, apreciar minhas matérias favs lendo os pdf no ônibus, discutir com a turma olhando no rosto e não por chat, juro que só não tranco meu curso pq eu amo demais tudo envolvido nele, mas é tanta agonia, eu não consigo me dedicar e sinto que vou ser uma péssima profissional por isso,,,,,,,,,
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2019.07.05 12:42 vertex143 Global Microtome Market Set Explosive Growth to 2023 - VertexMarketInsights.Com

This market research report gives an in-depth idea about the global Microtome market. It highlights the recent market scenario, growth in the past few years, and opportunities present for manufacturers in the future. In this research for the completion of both primary and secondary details, methods and tools are used. Also, investments instigated by organizations, government, non-government bodies, and institutions are projected in details for better understanding about the market.
Download Free Sample Pdf Report @ Top Modular UPS System Industry Players Are:
Slee Medical
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This study estimates the factors that are boosting the development of the global Microtome market. On the basis of key principles segments such as end-users, application, product, technology, and region are surveyed comprehensively of the global Microtome market. The thorough examination has been done in this report to bring about the share and position of global Microtome market. In the report, the complete analysis of the growth revenue is offered.
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The research report also mentions the innovations, new developments, marketing strategies, branding techniques, and products of the key participants present in the global Microtome market. In this reports for the future. The reports offer the opportunities and restraint that may hit in the future for the market players. Through this report, consumers can easily get the notion for their growth of global Microtome products in the market.
The report gives a SWOT analysis of the new projects in the international and Global Microtome market, investment feasibility, development trends, and investment return analysis of these projects. Study of the Microtome market’s competitive landscape includes data facts and figures about leading countries and suppliers’ capacity, cost-structures, production values, profits, and gross margins of key businesses operating in the market over the report’s review period. The report also provides details such as product picture and specification, and contact information of the companies profiled in the Global Microtome market’s manufacturer analysis segment.
Table Of Content
1 Introduction Of The Global Microtome2 Executive Summary3 Research Methodology Of Verified Market Intelligence4 The Global Microtome Outlook5 The Global Microtome, By Systems6 The Global Microtome, By Service7 The Global Microtome, By Verticals8 The Global Microtome, By Applications9 The Global Microtome, By Geography10 The Global Microtome Competitive LandscapeBrowse Detailed Table Of [email protected]
Contact us:Ellie Wilson (Sales Manager)
Company Name: Vertex Market Insights
Official Tel: +1 270 775 9120
Email Us:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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2019.05.10 04:15 melkitsedek [AJUDA] Sistemas RPG e customização

Estou planejando o início de uma campanha de RPG baseada na lore de Magic: the Gatering. Todos os personagens dos jogadores começarão como habitantes de um plano específico (será Zendikar, o plano do Rise of the Eldrazi) e a princípio não serão planeswalkers. Jogo RPG faz uns dois anos, e M:tG a um pouco mais (do qual eu amo a lore e a filosofia das cores).
Estou tendo algumas dificuldades em estabelecer o sistema a ser utilizado e essa é justamente a ajuda que necessito, em forma de conselhos.
Pontos importantes:
Eu estou indo pelo caminho certo? O GURPS é maleável o suficiente para isso? Há algum sistema que se encaixe melhor na minha proposta?
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2018.06.23 02:55 musicotic A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People

Credit to for some sources and inspiration for the title. I scoured hundreds of reddit posts, blog posts and news articles to get all this information.
I've been collecting dozens of scientific research and news articles on trans people for some time now, but I just realized that it was selfish to not share this research with others. All credit to the scientists!
I'm going to be using the terminology GCS (gender confirming surgery) for the post. Common synonyms are SRS, GRS. A warning that many of the studies use the terminology 'transsexual'.

Why Trans People Are Suicidal/Depressed: Society

  1. Being validated with the correct name, pronouns and documentation is associated with drops in suicide/depression [1] [2] [17] and delegitimization is associated with rises in suicide [9]
  2. Friend, social and familial support is associated with drastic reductions in suicidal ideation and depression [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [17] [18]
  3. Gender-based violence is a factor that contributes to suicide [7] [10] [11]
  4. Internalized transphobia is sometimes a factor that contributes or leads to suicide [12]
  5. And seeking religious treatment is not effective, and actually increases the rate of suicide [13]
  6. Discrimination is generally linked with higher suicide rates [8] [17] [18], and can cause mental disorders [14], which are further connected to suicide [15]
  7. The kicker: After controlling for minority stress (discrimination) and access to healthcare (a proxy for poverty, and a measure of the ability to transition), trans people have a mental health quality of life similar to that of the general population [16]
[1] When trans youth are allowed to use their actual name, depression and suicide drops [2] Having a supportive family reduced suicide rates by 57% and access to legal documentation reflecting ones gender reduces suicide rate by 44% [3] Parental support is associated with a 93% reduction in suicide attempts [4] The ability to transition, along with family and social acceptance, are the largest factors reducing suicide risk among trans people. [5] Social support is a suicide protective factor [6] Familial support is associated with a better psychological and overall quality of life, and support from friends is associated with ab better quality of life in all other aspects [7] Individuals targeted on the basis gender have the highest risk for attempting suicide, Being physically attacked is associated with suicidal ideation and behavior. [8] Homelessness, lower income, discrimination, violence, lack of treatment (all of which have higher prevelancy among trans ppl) are contributing factors to suicide [9] Restricing teens to the bathroom of their assigned sex increases suicide rates [10] Gender-based victimization of transgender individuals is associated with suicide [11] Gender-related abuse is a significant psychiatric health problem that affects the suicide rate [12] Internalized transphobia is a factor in some suicides [13] Seeking religious/spiritual treatment increases likelihood of committing suicide [14] Discrimination as a cause of PTSD [15] The connection between PTSD and suicide [16] After controlling for minority stress and medical care, trans people have similar QOL (including mental health) [17] Social support, reduced transphobia & discrimination, having personal identification with the correct name and pronouns, and transitioning all significantly reduce suicide rates [18] A literature review that finds considerable support for the idea that social support reduces suicide and discrimination increases it among trans individuals

The Benefits of Transition - Debunking Some Myths

The scientific consensus is clear. Transitioning is the only scientifically-supported method of ameliorating gender dysphoria. (I'll be lumping together HRT, SRS and other treatments for this, but if anyone has any problems or wants me to, I can attempt to separate them). This is not to say that any one surgery is going to solve all of your problems, because as shown above, society has a significant impact on the well-being of transgender individuals.
I'll go into detail about the misinterpreted studies in a minute.
  1. Transition is associated with lower suicide ideation, attempts and rates [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  2. Transition is associated with a lower rate of depression [7] [8] [9] [10]
  3. Transition is associated with improved anxiety, stress and distress levels [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]
  4. Transition is associated with a higher quality of life [9] [15] [16] [17] [18]
  5. Individuals undergoing transition are satisfied with their results
  6. The regret rate of various transition procedures is very low [20] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [37], ranging from 0% [24] to 0.6% [25] [26] to 2.2% [23], and has been decreasing with time [23] and are similar to that of other common surgeries [35]
  7. Undergoing transition increases sex satisfaction [37] [38] [39] [40] [41]
  8. Transition increases general mental health, reduces psychopathology and psychiatric disorders and symptoms [10] [13] [16] [21] [32] [36]
  9. Transition is safe and has little long-term side effects [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] This review summarizes the benefits of transition from the research
[1] Transition vastly reduces risks of suicide attempts, and the farther along in transition someone is the lower that risk gets. [2] Survey found that 70% were more satisfied after transition, 74% had better mental health, 63% had decreased self harming, and 63% had less suicidal ideation [3] Rate of suicide attempts dropped dramatically from 29.3 percent to 5.1 percent after receiving medical and surgical treatment among Dutch patients treated from 1986-2001. [4] “In a cross-sectional study of 141 transgender patients, Kuiper and Cohen-Kittenis found that after medical intervention and treatments, suicide fell from 19 percent to zero percent in transgender men and from 24 percent to 6 percent in transgender women.” Additionally, none of the patients regretted their decision to undergo GCS [5] A 2013 study of 433 trans people in Canada found that 27% of those who hadn’t begun transitioning had attempted suicide in the past year, but this dropped to 1% for those who were finished transitioning. [6] Studies show that there is ...a little more than 1% of suicides among operated subjects. The empirical research does not confirm the opinion that suicide is strongly associated with surgical transformation [7] Hormone treatment decreases depression by 10x [8] Most individuals had average scores on mood, satisfaction, depression and anxiety tests in a hostile environment after SRS [9] The research shows that hormone therapy reduces depression and anxiety to normal ranges, and is associated with a significant increase in the quality of life [10] Treated patients have less stress, anxiety, depression, psychological symptoms, etc [11] CHT decreases anxiety, depression and distress [12] CHT is an effective treatment for anxiety problems [13] SCL-90 scores (a test that measures anxiety, distress and hostility) resembled that of the general population after the initiation of hormone therapy [14] Transition is associated with a drop in stress levels, reaching stress levels within normal values [15] Hormonal therapy was significantly associated with a higher quality of life [16] Gender-affirming hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to improve quality of life and mental health outcomes for transgender adolescents [17] Undergoing CHT increased quality of life for all transgender people [18] Transition is associated with an increased quality of life and a high satisfaction rate [19] Satisfaction is 97% among trans men and 87% among trans women for gender confirming surgery in the 1990s before the advancement of the procedure [20] Trans individuals were overwhelmingly happy with their GCS results, said that GCS greatly improved the quality of their lives. None reported outright regret, and only a few expressed occasional regret [21] Patients had fewer psychological problems and interpersonal difficulties and a increased life satisfaction [22] Transition is successful at increasing body satisfaction and improving body image, which may alleviate eating disorders [23] Regret was about 2.2% and there was a significant decline of regrets over the time period. [24] More than 90% were satisfied, and no one reported regret after GCS [25] Only 0.6% of transwomen and 0.3% of transmen who underwent gonadectomy were identified as experiencing regret. [26] Out of 162 trans adults, only one reported that she would choose not to transition again, and another had some regrets but would choose to transition again, which yields a 0.6% regret rate [27] Out of 62 trans people who had undergone surgery, one woman said she occasionally regretted it, and continued to live as a woman [28] A study of 50 trans women who had received genital reconstruction found that only two felt regret sometimes [29] None were consistently regretful, and 6% felt regret sometimes [30] Studies show that there is less than 1% of regrets [31] None of the patients regretted their surgery [32] 1.6% of patients regretted their surgery and patients improved on 13 out of 14 mental health indicators [33] None of the patients experienced doubts about undergoing surgery [34] Among female-to-male transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in men, no regrets were reported in the author's sample, and in the literature they amount to less than 1%. Among male-to- female transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in women, regrets are reported in 1-1.5% [35] Regret rates are similar to/better than that of gastric bypass/banding surgery [36] A review of the literature: levels of psychopathology and psychiatric disorders improve with medical intervention and often reach normative values. Schizophrenia and bipolar have prevalences equal to that of the general population. [37] Trans men experience a better sex life after SRS and do not regret the surgery [38] Seventy-five percent had a more satisfactory sex life after SRS, with main complications being pain during intercourse and lack of lubrication. [39] "Sexual experience was considered to have improved by 83.3% of the patients, and became more frequent for 64.7% of the patients." [40] 80% report improvement in sexuality [41] "Based on the available literature, transsexuals appear to have adequate sexual functioning and/or high rates of sexual satisfaction following SRS" [42] Finds that there are little to no long-term side effects of transitioning [43] Transgender men did not experience important side effects such as cardiovascular events, hormone-related cancers, or osteoporosis [44] Hormone therapy is safe with medical supervision. There was no increase in mortality or cancer prevalance [45] The only side effect of hormone therapy is current ethinyl estradiol use (which is not commonly used anymore), causing an increase in cardiovascular risk of death [46] Mortality was not different from the general population and observed mortality was not linked with hormone therapy

Professional Opinions on Transgender Individuals and Transitioning

Master list from Lambda Legal: This list includes the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychologist Association, AMA, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, AAFP, AAPA, American College of Nurse Midwives, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, APHA, NASW, National Commission on Correctional Health Care, WPATH
Another list:
Royal College of Psychiatrists:
Endocrine Society:
American Academy of Pediatrics:
American Association of Clinic Endocrinologists:
American College of Physicians:,,
American College of Surgeons:,
American Academy of Neurology:,_Including_the_AAN,_Move_to.10.aspx
National Association of School Psychologists:
Canadian Psychiatric Association:
American Geriatric Society:
World Psychiatric Association:,
Royal Austrian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists:
ICAPAP: This one is a bit of a stretch, but they mention "• Ethics and Access to Treatment for Transgender and Transsexual Issues" as one of their topics:
A session from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry:
This guideline ( was co-sponsored by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Society of Andrology, European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, European Society of Endocrinology, Pediatric Endocrine Society and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Depathologization and - gender incongruence is being moved out of the mental health category in the next version of the ICD (from the WHO - World Health Organization - which is a body of the UN). It will also be declassified as a behavioral health disorder, and is no longer considered an 'illness' of any sort. There is no gender dysphoria in the ICD, and gender incongruence is the ICD's version of that (if you doubt that, it's implied in table 2 in this study), - two studies going over the importance of and scientific behind depathologization, The DSM-V removed 'gender identity disorder' and replaced it with gender dysphoria & promoted destigmatization of being transgender, which can be compared to what the DSM did before depathologizing being gay. - Denmark declassifies it, and a summary of declassification in general

Sports - Trans women don't have an advantage in sports - Trans people do not have an advantage - analysis of race times - Review of the literature on sports and transgender people that concludes there is no evidence that transgender women and men have an advantage in sports

Curative Therapy

There isn't much research on curative/conversion therapy for trans individuals, but the evidence for LGB+ people is very strong. and sum it up very well,%20V7.pdf - "Treatment aimed at trying to change a person's gender identity and expression to become more congruent with sex assigned at birth has been attempted in the past without success (Gelder & Marks, 1969; Greenson, 1964), particularly in the long term (Cohen-Kettenis & Kuiper, 1984; Pauly, 1965). Such treatment is no longer considered ethical." - "Psychoanalytic technique does not encompass purposeful attempts to "convert," "repair," change or shift an individual's sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Such directed efforts are against fundamental principles of psychoanalytic treatment and often result in substantial psychological pain by reinforcing damaging internalized attitudes."

Trans Youth

Myth #1: Kids Will Change Their Minds / The Desistance Myth

The desistance myth is one of the most frustrating arguments made against transgender children. It's all based off of some research that has some significant methodological flaws. Many of the individuals included in the studies did not identify as transgender (two studies had 90% of the participants identify as their assigned sex), some studies concluded that a respondent had desisted if they did not follow up (Steensma 2011 and Steensma 2013), and many included very small sample sizes. (All from this book and this study). There is more recent research indicating that more than 96% of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria continue to identify as transgender as adults. Even the flawed research indicates something far lower than the commonly repeated trope of 80-85%: Steensma 2013 (critiqued above) reports 16%. Wallien and Cohen-Kettenis 2008 and Ristori and Steensma 2016 have multiple weaknesses that render their conclusions useless, and Steensma 2010 is also flawed
There are specific criteria to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria as a child.
The American Psychological Association's guidelines state:
The gender affirmative model supports identity exploration and development without an a priori goal of any particular gender identity or expression. Practitioners of the gender affirmative model do not push children in any direction, rather, they listen to children and, with the help of parents, translate what the child is communicating about their gender identity and expression. They work toward improving gender health, where a child is able to live in the gender that feels most authentic to the child and can express gender without fear of rejection.
There is a large body of researching indicating that gender identity is formed by the age of 3-5, possibly as early as 18 months, and that transgender children know what gender is, what they are identifying as and think of themselves as their gender identity:
Gender identity of transgender youth is deeply held and not the result of confusion. Transgender children view themselves as their expressed gender and are similar to cisgender children of their gender identity. (A more readable article). Transgender children develop similarly
Transgender teens that undergo gender reassignment do not experience regret. And all transgender children that underwent puberty suppression continued on to undergo hormone therapy
Transgender children endorse gender stereotypes less and see violations of gender stereotypes as more acceptable (Take THAT TERFs)

Myth #2: Kids "Are Rushed" Into Transition

This myth is based off of the faulty assumption that transgender youth under the age of 12 get some or any form of gender confirming surgery or hormone therapy. This is simply untrue. Common headlines like “4 year old youngest sex change” are masked in false claims and conflate social transition with surgery and hormones. The standard age for hormone therapy is 16 (Endocrine Society, Family court lawyers indicate that hormone therapy is typically attained at age 16, and the NHS recommends starting at 16 years of age). Research into ages of teens that being hormone therapy indicated a median age of 17.9 and 17.3 ranging from 13.3 to 22.3 years at one clinic and another clinic in Holland had mean age of initation of 16.4-16.7, with minimum ages ranging from 13.9-14.9. The typical minimum for GCS is 18 years of age (WPATH page 60, Unicare, and the ICD-10) and the lowest reported case is Kim Petras at 16. For chest reconstructive surgery, the mean age of surgery was 17.2, and only 3 patients were under 16 years of age.
Kids simply aren’t being rushed into transitioning.

Myth #3: Puberty blockers are harmful

This just simply isn't supported by the evidence. They are safe and not harmful to bone growth, and don't affect greater brain function. The few negative effects of puberty blockers do not change children's minds. Puberty blockers are also easily and permanently reversible, and this has happened successfully in the past before . No clinically significant effects on physiologic parameters were noted.
Both the Endocrine Society and WPATH recommend puberty suppression for transgender children.
Important evidence to consider is the evidence of the efficacy and safety of puberty blockers to treat children with precocious puberty. GnRH is safe in children with precocious puberty. There is no negative impact on bone mineral density or reproductive function and the treatment did not cause or aggravate obesity. Two years after therapy, bone mineral density and BMD scores for bone age and chronological age were normal, and percentage body fat reached normative values one year after treatment. Menstrual pattern was normal, BMD was normal after treatment, and hormonal values, ovarian and uterine dimensions were normal after treatment.. Long-term leuprorelin treatment had no effect on reproductive function. There is little to no evidence of long-term changes resulting from GnRH agonists. Psychosocial problems are improved with puberty blockers, as well as a reduction in loneliness and behavioral problems. Treatment has no effect on BMI
There is significant evidence that puberty blockers can improve children’s quality of life and in some cases, save children’s lives

Myth #4: There is no need to transition

Gender dysphoria has been documented to harm mental health and create psychological distress. Social transition has been shown to ameliorate this distress and normalize mental health outcomes:
Well-being (of transgender children after puberty suppression) was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population.
Early transition virtually eliminates these higher rates of depression and low self-worth
Transition dramatically improves mental health among trans kids
Olson found that kids that transition have no elevation in depression and slight elevation in anxiety.
The younger one transitions, the fewer problems one will have
Adolescents who have gender confirmation surgery alleviate gender dysphoria and function psychologically and socially well, none having regrets
(TODO: Find Olson's new study that showed her previous research was flawed due to using parental data on child mental health)
If any links are broken, I have any typos or any incorrect statements, please notify me in the comments. If a full article is inaccessible, use and if a full study/research article is inaccessible, use If you have studies to add or further information, feel free to chime in in the comments and I’ll add it to the post. If there are any topics you think I should cover, please ask.
Since this post is over 40,000 characters, I will have to finish it in the comments.
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2016.07.25 01:33 marisam7 A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a Liar".

Trump lies about raising money for Veterans.

Trump claims 300,000 veterans died waiting for medical care with no evidence to back up the claim.

Trump dodges draft claiming “bone spurs” and lies about it today.

Trump lies about donating to charity.

Trump lies about donating to charity again claiming he has donated over $100 million dollars without providing any records or evidence or naming who he donated too. Meanwhile a TSG review of his foundation’s Internal Revenue Service returns ranks Trump as the least charitable billionaire in the United States.

Trump lies about losing lawsuits.

Numerous celebrities allege Trump cheats at golf.

Trump makes up civil war battle to make his golf club seem more important, questions historians who tell him he’s wrong, makes up fictitious anonymous historians who said he was right, backpedals even further by saying the made-up historians didn’t talk to him but his people when he is asked their names.

Trump lies about self funding his campaign.

Trump lies about campaign spending.

Trump lies and claims his book Trump: The Art of the Deal is the best selling business book of all time.

Trump campaign manager assaults reporter. Trump lies and claims the reporter made the story up until police confirm it through security footage and arrests manager.

Trump lies and claims Hillary wants to release violent criminals from jail.

Trump lies and claims he is beating Hillary in the polls.

Trump lies about support numbers.

Trump lies and claims the U.S is “losing jobs like never before.” only a few days after acknowledging job numbers showing the creation of 271,000 jobs in a month.

Trump lies and claims raising the price of life saving drugs for patients who can’t afford them will save the U.S $300 billion dollars a year for a $70 billion dollar program.

Trump lies and claims he had never heard of White Supremacist leader who endorsed him despite mentioning him by name for over 15 years.

Trump lies and claims the Mexican government is forcibly deporting convicted criminals into the United States.

Trump lies about immigrants and ignores that immigrants are less likely than native born Americans to commit violent crimes or be incarcerated.

Trump lies and claims he polled top with Hispanics despite actually only polling 7% approval.

Trump lies and claims he pulled in 15,000 at speech. Real number is proven to be 4,000.

Trump lies and claims Mexicans are pouring into the U.S despite statistics showing more Mexicans leaving the U.S than coming in every year.

Trump lies and claims Mexicans are pouring into the U.S despite the facts showing that for the last half decade the immigration numbers have flat lined.

Trump lies and claims president Obama is going to import a quarter of a million refugees when the real number is 25 times lower.

Trump lies and claims the U.S has no process for vetting refugees.

Trump lies and claims the U.S only allows Muslim refugees and refuses to let Christians in.

Trump lies and claims almost every single Syrian refugee is a strong young man when statistics show the majority of Syrian refugees are women.

Trump lies and claims “scores” of U.S migrants have been charged with terrorism when the actual number is 0

Trump lies and claims Ohio protesters had connections to ISIS despite all evidence proving the contrary.

Trump lies and claims he predicted Osama Bin Laden.

Trump lies about French Gun Laws after Paris Attack.

Trump lies and claims he lost hundreds of friends during 9/11 yet can’t give a single name.

Trump’s falsely claims he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating while the twin towers fell on 9/11 on the news and refuses to admit he lied after the claim is completely debunked.

Trump lies and claims the 9/11 hijackers' wives knew what was going to happen and were sent home before the attack despite the fact none of the 9/11 hijackers were married.

Trump cites debunked poll created by conspiracy theorist claiming 25% of Muslim Americans support violence against America.

Trump lies and claims Orlando shooter was foreign born immigrant despite being born in the same city as Trump.

Trump lies and claims the U.S nuclear arsenal doesn’t work.

Trump falsely claims ⅘ white people who were victims of homicide were murdered by blacks after rewtweeting statistics made up by Neo-Nazis.

Trump lies and falsely claims Oakland And Ferguson among the most dangerous cities in the world, when in reality they aren’t even among the most dangerous cities in their states.

Trump lies about various names and slurs he has publicly used to refer to women despite video evidence proving contrary.

Trump lies about his winery being the largest on the east coast.

Trump lies and claims June has “no jobs to be had” despite 5.4 million job openings in the U.S. that month. (A 15-year high.)

Trump lies and claims the United States is the ‘most highly taxed nation in the world.’

Trump lies and claims the U.S GDP is below 0

Trump tells New York Times he wants to impose unprecedented 45% tariff on Chinese goods. At debates he accused New York Times of misquoting him admitting how crazy it would and how he would never want it then goes on to argue for the 45% tariff two minutes later.

Trump lies and claims obama spent 4 million dollars to conceal school and passport records.

Trump lies and claims the U.S Border wall would only cost 8 billion dollars.

Trump lies and claims John Kasich "helped" Lehman Brothers ‘destroy the world economy’

Trump lies about "fishy" death of White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. implying Hillary was behind it and staged it to appear as if it wasn't a murder.

Trump lies and claims Putin called him a genius.

(What other Presidential candidate in history would want complements from dictators and enemies of America so bad that they would fabricate them?)

Trump lies 21 times during speech.

Trump acceptance speech fact checked by New York Times, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, NPR, ect... All agree its packed with lies upon lies.

Fact checkers go over one of Trumps town hall transcripts and find 71 separate instances within an hour in which Trump made claims that were categorically false.

Bipartisan Media Watchdog group PolitiFact finds 76% percent of all of Trump’s statements investigated in 2015 for authenticity to be false.

Bonus: Trump getting Stumped

Trump gets stumped again and again and again.

Trumps stumped by teenager on abortion question.

Trump stumped by journalists.

Trump stumped by Paul Ryan.

Trump stumped on EU question.

Trump stumped on bible question.

Trump stumped by cryptocurrency.

Trump stumped on foreign policy.

Trump stumped on question about the function of the government.

Trump stumped on economy question.

Double Bonus: Trump hates our Soldiers among other things.

Trump mocks people over being physically disabled.

Trump calls U.S soldiers thieves in bizarre attack.

Trump mocks POW soldier for being captured.

Trump claims POWs aren’t heroes for being captured.

Harvard professors and clinical psychologist start using Trump clips in workshops on identifying narcissists.

Trump wants Veterans kicked off fifth avenue for not being classy enough.

Trump is unable to do simple multiplication, insists he is right after getting math question wrong.

Trump thinks if teachers should be armed in classrooms.

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2016.05.03 18:59 PalestineFacts "News Round Up" - 2, 3 May 2016

This may be updated later. List of previous "News Round Ups" found here

Tragedies, Colonialism and Occupation

News on Political Elite

Human Rights / Updates from Human Rights Groups

Analysis, Commentaries or Opinions


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Eu Te Amo - Roberto Carlos - Partitura Análise da música 'Eu te amo, meu Brasil' - YouTube Eu amo a Bíblia - Bill Johnson - Portugues - Portuguese - Português P.S. Eu Amo o Espiritismo - YouTube Leitura do livro - Advinha quanto Eu te amo - YouTube YouTube LIVRO 'EU AMO MAQUIAGEM' MARCOS COSTA PARTE 1 UMBERTO TOZZI - TI AMO - YouTube

(PDF) Concreto Armado Eu Te Amo (Manoel Henrique Campos ...

  1. Eu Te Amo - Roberto Carlos - Partitura
  2. Análise da música 'Eu te amo, meu Brasil' - YouTube
  3. Eu amo a Bíblia - Bill Johnson - Portugues - Portuguese - Português
  4. P.S. Eu Amo o Espiritismo - YouTube
  5. Leitura do livro - Advinha quanto Eu te amo - YouTube
  6. YouTube

ITALIAN SONGS THE BEST Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 🌈 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 'Over The Rainbow' & 'What A Wonderful World' Medley 1993 🌈 - Duration: 5:06. Mario Nicola Misino Recommended for you MOSTRANO O LIVRO DE MARCOS COSTA PRA VC AMEI O LIVRO TEM DICAS OTIMAS BEIJOS NÃO DEIXEM DE AVALIAR COMENTAR E SE INSCRETVER FIQUEM COM DEUS. video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload Vídeo de análise aprofundada da música 'Eu te amo, meu Brasil' de 1970, escrito por Dom & Ravel e interpretado pelo Os Incríveis. Não se esqueçam de curtir e... Leitura do livros 'Advinha quanto eu te amo', com ilustrações do livro. Escrito por Sam McBratney e ilustrado por Anita Jeram. Adoro contar essa historia, qu... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Eu Te Amo - Roberto Carlos - Partitura YouTube Roberto Carlos EU TE AMO, TE AMO, TE AMO instrumental psr 710 Yamaha - Duration: 3:33. Franco Borges 3,072 views Audio taken from the sermon of the week podcasts. Subscribe in multiple languages: Consider subscribe to high quality videos at ...