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2020.09.28 22:31 jujujoju the girl from my school just blocked me just because I sent her five thousand shitposts, what should I do to make her unblock me?

I got the number of a schoolmate that I like, after some time of conversation she asked me to send something funny, then I sent 5,000 shitposts to make her laugh, but she blocked me, what do I do now?
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2020.09.28 18:21 melvinv5882 I (19Male!!!!) Have moodswings, how is this possible?

So I feel lonely and sad. think about kms. Then the next moment I am on school. Having fun. Doubting that no one cares. I walk home alone and feel weird.
Then when home, I am exhausted and I am like ok chill, groceries. Eating and done.
Then the next moment a schoolmate calls me. Tonplay rocket league. I play that. It's fun. During a game my crush texts me. I ignore that text cause well, late response time meets late response time.
Now I feel good again. Not lonely. Bc I got a message. So someone must care. How is this possible.
I am also a guy, I can't have mood swings theoretically.
I litterly was so sad today I just took away all the cards I got from my friends. But now, I regret it a lot.
Also I am really motivated foe school while yesterday I was like 'If nobody cares why start working on programming with possible Personal projects?'
My feelings and mindset is going havoc.
I have therapists and what I told them last week is already old news. So I have to wait for them for professional help.
But I need to control this.
I have also been in a rollecoaster for 7 years. Bullying, depression, suicide, some dumb things I have done, clinics, getting friends, betraying friends, getting betrayed by friends. I have seen a lot. I have been more mature. The Melvin (me) from before the clinic and after. Totally different. The old me wouldn't be able to survive today.
But it is so weird how my emotions and toughts are making this 360's
How do i deal with this? What if I start argueing with people over something stupid bc I can't control my stuff.
Hadn't had any anger. Which is a suprise. One time I had this I was obsessive towards people. The other moment I couldn't stop crying. Now it's a mix of all of them?
I don't know this week is going to be a hell or a heaven.
I already posted this on twitter the other day as a joke. I guess this might be fr.
People, what advice you got? And If I am supposed to throw away my male status of suppressing feelings. Sure, but how to deal with my emotions then?
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2020.09.28 18:01 Justin-Swaggy I need answers (mainly asking girls, but guys are free to answer too)

So I just recently started a new job and there’s a lot of people around my age working there (17y), even some of my schoolmates. So there’s this girl that is a year younger than me and our first day we didn’t say a word to eachother. The next shift we had together I said one thing saying “do you have any dishes” and she said “yes”. Ever since that little conversation she’s been talking to me so much ever since for about a month. She’s always starting conversations and she’s always asking how I am. We talk A LOT and she seems to not speak as much to other co-workers than me. Someone even brought up when I they said her name and I said “who?” And they said , “(her name), the girl who always talks to you”. I’m having big feelings inside that she likes me. I don’t know if I’m reading it wrong but Idek at this point. Someone even said that she is a “talkative” person, but there’s a little problem...
She once we were on our breaks and she was talking about how her dog ripped up a bunch of things, like her AirPods and sh!t. And she brought up saying “it’s not exactly my dog, my ex boyfriend gave me it and was going to take it back but never did, by the way were started talking again.”
I thought to myself, why do I need to know that? I didn’t ask or didn’t say anything that made her assume I was into her. Is she pulling some card trying to play hard to get? I can’t read girls well, like my last ex. I didn’t even speak to her much and I asked her out and she said yea and we ended up dating for a few months.
Anyway I may have went a little too deep into this, I’m probably overthinking this stuff. If anyone has an opinion if she likes me or not then please speak up. I’m really curious cuz I may like her too..
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2020.09.28 13:05 ENG-eins Did you know a schoolmate who tried to make friends with everybody?

How did that go for them? How many % of the school are his / her friends?
And did any of you break the news to them that everyone on Earth will always have somebody that doesn't like them, no matter how good of a person they become?
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2020.09.28 12:21 _cotton_candyy ❄️a short appreciation post for our ice prince sunghoon❄️

Sunghoon is the first one who caught my attention in I-Land, not only for his visuals or for his personality but also for his work ethic that made me have a lot of respect for him. And by that I mean the fact that he managed to train in singing/dancing, while also being a student and maintaining his career in figure skating. Looking back at it must have been really tiring and time consuming knowing that you can't really choose between them or drop one of it because all of them we're important to Sunghoon and it also meant a lot for him.
In figure skating, the chances to loose your skills if you're off ice for a long period of time are quite high so knowing that the last conpetition he had was at the beginning of this year and that he was still a trainee for 2 years makes me feel proud seeing him being this dedicated.
Of course there are many people who are able to balance their hobbies or careesocial life and are really hardworking but I felt like mentioning Sunghoon just because his experience was relatable to me as well. I also had to balance school and taekwondo training and realised how hard was at that time to manage them so props to him for doing that while still being a trainee.
Now that our ice prince is about to debut with ENHYPEN, visited his schoolmates and officialy retired from figure skating, I have to say that I'm really proud of his hardwork and perseverance we've all seen throughout I-Land and his predebut ice skating videos.
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2020.09.28 11:11 Carlottahy I hate myself

I hate it here. I hate living in this city and I hate everyone here. They're all fake, just like my schoolmates. They are all fake to each other, talk sweetly to you ans then talk shit behind your back. I hate myself for being the way I am, I want to lose weight but I'm so weak and can't get past three days of diet. If only I was strong enough to follow and focus on my goals I wouldn't be here right now. I would be a better person with better people.
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2020.09.27 22:40 BalihouseVisionBoard Life After Leaving JWs— Anyone else dealing with this relationship phenomenon?

I call it “the observer complex”, where— in my case, at least— you’re feeling a bit detached in relationships like an ‘observer’ in some surreal way, rather than feeling like an actual vested participant in a relationship. I understand that learning detachment is a by-product of my unique childhood dynamics (you would need all your fingers and toes just to count how many times I moved before my 18th birthday), but SEVERELY multiplied by the pervasive ‘detachment culture’ JWs live with: living emotionally detached from your neighbors, schoolmates (no participation with classmates in holiday-themed class work or parties; no after school dances or homecoming ballgames; no prom or graduation ceremony in my case— told them to mail me the diploma because I didn’t want to answer any questions about what I’d be doing after high school [nothing], especially since turning down scholarship opportunities), co-workers, non-believing family members, and disfellowshipped people you used to love dearly but now no longer speak to. That ability to so easily (or eventually) detach has been the real death nail for me in post-JW relationships. Regrettably, I just don’t think there is anything or anyone in my life even now that I couldn’t walk away from if I needed to. Just admitting that to myself right now and hearing me actually say that out loud— and knowing just how true it is— is troubling beyond words. Anyone else struggling with post-JW, long-term personal relationships?
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2020.09.27 19:36 cheeseburgercoffee I badly need help

I'm already 18 years old,and I feel like I've spent too much on my family and school problems and took everything really serious that I didn't even feel like I was a teenager.A lot of people are expecting so much from me that's why,and because I'm the eldest in our family.I honestly get jealous seeing some of my schoolmates that are younger than me being in a relationship,and already managing their own businesses,I mean I am so happy and proud for them but just looking at myself?dang I feel so useless.I tried looking for online part time jobs but my dad wont even support me with it I'm just asking for him to create a paypal account for me,when both of my mom and dad even abandoned me.I am living with my foster parents and I really want to help them with the expenses but idk how:((im sorry,I just need to talk this out but if any of you know where I can apply for online part time jobs it would mean so much to me.I live in the Philippines and tbh part time jobs for students are not really prominent in here which sucks.If ever I'll get into a job,I'll be using the money to by myself a laptop for our upcoming online class and I'd save for my siblings as well.
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2020.09.27 19:16 throwaway1231129 there's no one I can talk to

I've lived most of my life isolated from any schoolmates or townspeople, I live in a very small farm area with no one to talk to. I have never really went outside before since there's nowhere to go because I live in a third world country, the only place I can really go to is the small store 2 blocks away from my house. I have no friends or anyone I can relate or feel comfortable with, I've never hung out with anyone before. there's no one who I could vent off all of this to or talk about it, I feel so out of place and haven't been able to cope with all that's happening around me no matter what it is. what really made me realize how lonely I am is that quarantine changed absolutely nothing for me at all. I just turned 15 this month and not a single person in my family remembered my birthday or mentioned it. I don't know what to do or where to go.
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2020.09.27 16:58 fantasystaples One of my old schoolmates got shot and killed.

Someone i used to go to school with got shot and killed. They used to be my friend at one point, even. Tony worked at a bar and a drunk guy got angry and shot him. He died the next day in the hospital. The murderer is going to walk. Tony is 19 years old. Was. He had friends and family who loved him dearly and were excited to see him grow into an adult person of his own, and he never fucking got to. I didn't know Tony very well after school ended, but it still haunts me that this happened. Tony will always be 19, forever. He won't EVER have another birthday or smile another smile. He never got to go out and live. Everything he's ever done in life is over. All because some drunk lowlife murderer felt like shooting someone. I'm really scared, mom.
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2020.09.27 15:10 fullsunlhc i wish i was pretty

hello im kouji,15 yrs old from the philippines i've been going through alot these years because of my acne,eczema and my thin body i try to accept myself but the people around me is not letting me, Everyday rather that people saying "hello" to me they would say "what happened to your face" or "yuck your face is disgusting" it really hurts me alot, there are times that i feel confident about myself and i call myself pretty my family/friends would look at me and say how are you pretty if you look like THAT. Since quarantine started my condition got bad i would cry alot, i would be fragile, i get angry at myself, i would compare myself to other pretty girls(everytime i see my schoolmate or friend's post i feel so ugly), i would look at the mirror and stare at myself. Im sorry for this post tho i just dont have anyone to talk to.
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2020.09.26 22:21 CoffeeAndTV_97 Article about Trey Sesler/Mr. Anime, from someone who saw the police interrogations. It has a lot of info that I haven’t read anywhere else.

A few things (there’re many other details):
-He wrote a 12 page manifesto.
-He used a ratings scale of 01-10 (just like he did with anime) to categorize mass killers. Kip Kinkel got the lowest score, with a 3 ½.
-At the age of 13, he planned to steal a gun from a cop, and then go to a schoolmate house to kill him.
-Mark, Trey’s brother, said to a friend “…don’t be surprised if you hear on the news that we’ve all been killed by Trey.”
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2020.09.26 09:39 Dull_Focus_6191 Virgin considering escort need advice

As u can read in the title I’m a 25 year old virgin. So I rather make it quick because I have never been the guy of talking much. And Excuse my English it’s not my native language. A bit of forestory, if u are not interested skip the next part.
I’ve always been a loner since my young teens, didn’t ever had any friends and if I talked to schoolmates it were superficial conversations. I lived with my mum and little brother, my mum was never around so I had to take care of my brother, if she was around, she were pretty abusive ( I don’t want to go into details) so no one to talk to and me trying to escape this shitty reality lead into drug abuse. The last 10 years were pretty dark. I’m trying to get back on my feet rn, it’s not easy and i feel lonely and unloved but that’s okay, I never experienced such things so I don’t even know what it’s like. So that resulted into bad social skills escpecially with girls. Since I wanted to try my luck i used online dating apps such as tinder etc but never were really lucky. They never replied or stopped responding in the middle of conversations. Guess that’s only for pretty people. I’ve often got told that I’m ugly and things like that in school, which lead to not very much self esteem obviously. I feel like having sex with a prostitute would lower my mental wall a bit, showing myself to someone. since my chances to find a girl seem pretty low, I would like to have sex at least once in my life Just to know what it’s like.
Now I’m considering to hire an escort since it’s legal in the country I live. I’m pretty nervous, as mentioned I’m not good with talking, especially to girls. So if u have any tips or could share your own experiences with me it would be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.26 08:58 Dull_Focus_6191 Virgin considering an escort

As u can read in the title I’m a 25 year old virgin. So I rather make it quick because I have never been the guy of talking much. And Excuse my English it’s not my native language. A bit of forestory, if u are not interested skip the next part.
I’ve always been a loner since my young teens, didn’t ever had any friends and if I talked to schoolmates it were superficial conversations. I lived with my mum and little brother, my mum was never around so I had to take care of my brother, if she was around, she were pretty abusive ( I don’t want to go into details) so no one to talk to and me trying to escape this shitty reality lead into drug abuse. The last 10 years were pretty dark. I’m trying to get back on my feet rn, it’s not easy and i feel lonely and unloved but that’s okay, I never experienced such things so I don’t even know what it’s like. So that resulted into bad social skills escpecially with girls. Since I wanted to try my luck i used online dating apps such as tinder etc but never were really lucky. They never replied or stopped responding in the middle of conversations. Guess that’s only for pretty people. I’ve often got told that I’m ugly and things like that in school, which lead to not very much self esteem obviously. I feel like having sex with a prostitute would lower my mental wall a bit, showing myself to someone. since my chances to find a girl seem pretty low, I would like to have sex at least once in my life Just to know what it’s like.
Now I’m considering to hire an escort since it’s legal in the country I live. I’m pretty nervous, as mentioned I’m not good with talking, especially to girls. So if u have any tips or could share your own experiences with me it would be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.26 08:20 Far-Type-4116 Feeling numb from poz test

Throwaway account because I'm at this point still a coward.
I got tested positive yesterday. It was a rapid screen test at a local NGO. I went because I started having white tongue and sorethroat last week and Google what it was. When it says HIV/Aids could be a cause, I panicked. For the pass two weeks I alternate between panic and trying to accept reality, that I got it. When the case worker told me the news, I thought I would cry, but I didn't. I was just numbed. I didn't panic but suddenly the future I planned just wasn't there anymore. I had to scrap the plan and plan something else. They asked if choose to get treated in the clinic itself or get government assistance. I chose government because from where I'm from, it's all covered. I'll only go in on Monday to get a full checkup, CD4 and everything. From there I'd need to wait 2 weeks plus to even know how they'll start me on my treatment Today, I'll be meeting some schoolmates for a gettogether to celebrate one of their engagement. I've never felt more alone because I'm hiding this secret to myself with no one to talk to. Only reddit. I wanted to conform to my Asian values and fit in as well, marry someone and maybe have kids. Seems like that's out of the question. I'd have to tell the girl I'm seeing at some point but I'm just a coward of a man. I'm just numb.
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2020.09.26 05:12 IDKButIKnowOneThing Is it just me or does most rap and hip hop today sound the same? (And not in a good way)

I'm not saying there aren't good hip hop artists these days, because there are.
But most of my schoolmates are very much into rap and hip hop and blast their favorite artists during class or would in the halls when there wasn't a pandemic. And it all sounds the same. The same beat, same voice, same lyrics, same topics (obviously not the exact same but they seem to mostly talk about sex, drugs, and money). It just doesn't sound good. But so many people like it. Am I missing something?
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2020.09.25 20:55 666taivo I was so deeply depressed I thought I was posessed. I wondered why nobody around me could see it and why nobody would help me. Turns out, nmom knewthe whole time. She did nothing,

cw for mentions of suicide and depression and selfharm
sorry for the wall of text to come. I need to rant, I need to vent. I need to get out. Maybe someone will read this who's gone through the same and know they're not alone.
When I was around 11, I became depressed. So depressed that I essentially stopped talking to anyone. It was enough that schoolmates who I'd known my whole life said they couldn't remember the last time I talked. I was a nerdy, motivated, intelligent, bubbly kid who just became this shell. My marks went from straight as to cs and ds. I thought I was posessed by the devil at one point and would lay awake begging a higher power to fix me and save me. Years of my life became a blur and my only memories from that time came from journals I kept. I really wanted to die.
This whole time, my nmom never seemed to stop yelling at me, calling me a worthless lazy b-tch and a c-nt and wh-re. I wasn't even a bad kid! I was even known for being a goodie twoshoes. Granted, I wasn't doing well in school, I was stoic and unemotional until something triggered me, then I would explode into a ball of tears and hide in my closet. Of course I was, I was so depressed that my only comfort was that I would die one day.
All the time I wondered, how can you not see it? How? Am I just good at hiding it? Is this what a normal person looks like as they grow? How can you not tell I need help? I thought, it was because my nfam comes from a really traditional community in my country and they think mental illness is a myth and "depression isnt real, people make their own happiness" (direct quote from nmom). She would go to lots of walks for anti-suicide and then come home and talk about how the speakers were "whiny" and had "victim complex." I was self harming during this time too. Sometimes she would see me do it and then during arguments she would mock it. Nice.
She took me to a psychologist for maybe two or three sessions when I was 14 (this is when I start getting a few memories back yayay) and I got diagnosed with a learning disability. Which is good, I'd been struggling with this as well. But my nmom was mad that these three sessions didnt *fix* me. I can't remember a day without me getting lectured about how worthless I was until I was maybe.. 17? Some days were worse than others with physical violence or threats to kick me out or humiliation over private things. I just couldn't understand. I was drowning and dying and trying to find a single way to stay alive. I was screaming out for help! Why couldn't you see? Why can't you see that I need help? Why can't you just hug me and tell me that you know I'm not ok and that you're going to get me help?
Luckily at 18 I moved away. Far, far away. I was still struggling with suicidal thoughts for years until... well, about a year ago quite frankly. I got help and the proper medication. My relationship with nmom is distant but there. I don't let her have too much information about my personal life because I really do not trust her with it.
She called a few weeks ago and we were discussing me as a young teenager. And she told me "Yeah. I remember during this time, you were just so sad. You didn't really do anything."
Are you fucking kidding me? You knew the whole time? You knew that I was struggling and you didn't help me? Instead you hit me and screamed at me and told me I was worthless? You put on a face of caring to the outside world and treated me like this behind your own walls? How can you know your daugter is struggling and dying inside, to the point that you can see it, and still want to harm her and mock her for being in so much pain that she would hurt herself physically?
I can't understand. I don't understand. I've been trying to make sense of it and I just can not do it. Every parent makes mistakes. Maybe you leave your kid at footie practise and forget to pick them up. Maybe you accidentally let your peanut allergic kid take a bite of your snickers. You don't see that your kid is struggling with a mental illness and punish them for it! You don't leave them to fucking suffer. You help them. You love them. You assure them that everything is going to be ok, if not now, someday. Certainly not this. Not fucking this.
If you've made it this far, thanks. I'm sorry it's so dark. Thanks for letting me rant about it on a friday night.
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2020.09.25 20:27 ifdestructionwasart6 What is the weirdest thing a schoolmate has said to you?

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2020.09.25 17:49 user3928aKN YA c90s: About a teen girl who contracts monster-itous and at the end she blows up her schoolmates at a house party in a gas explosion and becomes a giant vampire pterodactyll that lives in a tree.

At least that’s how I remember it going. I think she catches the monster-itous from French kissing a boy on the beach. She becomes this monster thing at the end but tries to remember not to eat people despite the impulse. I want to re-read it.
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2020.09.25 07:42 MidnightBallad Two Officer Kevins Accuse Me of Skipping School When I Was A Graduating Senior

Greetings again, Redditors!

An old schoolmate and I caught up yesterday and recounted something I pushed to the back of my memory. So yeah, I got another one for ya. Sorry it's not as humorous as my last one.

This was late spring 2008 in my home state. High school seniors finished classes a week before everyone else. This was also the week before summer vacation. Seniors had to pick up their report cards (no idea why the school didn't mail them) and meet with their counselors if anything else needed wrapping up before graduation.

Being a senior, I had to do the same. Since I didn't have a car at the time, I had to walk the 30-minute walk to school. I was 18 at the time but was often mistaken for younger. Being 5' 3" has that effect on me. I'm a few blocks from school when a police car pulls up. Cop 1 stayed in the car while Cop 2 in the passenger seat got out. A black teen girl cornered by two white cops... Yeah, the media would swallow this whole if it happened today. I'll summarize the exchange as best I can.

Cop 2: "Aren't you supposed to be in school, young lady?"

Me: [shaking like a leaf] "No, officer. I'm a senior and I have to pick up my report card."

Cop 2: "Sure, kid. You know there's penalties for skipping school, right?"

Me: "I do know, but I'm not skipping. I'm done with classes."

Cop 2: "Done with going to them I bet."

I forget what was said after that but the conversation ended with him telling me to get in the cruiser, or I'd be arrested for ditching school. I didn't know how to compose myself in high stress situations, so I went along and prayed I'd live to see the end of the day. They saved me a few blocks getting to my high school. They "escorted" me inside and I was just grateful I didn't wet my pants when I saw their holstered guns.

We reached the front office entrance when God proved his existence by one of my favorite teachers walking by (a kind and cool as hell white man I'll call him Mr. G) and stopping to see what was going on.

Mr. G: "Morning, officers. Uh, OP, it's not like you to get into trouble. What's going on?"

Cop 2: "We caught this one out during school hours. We figured the principal and her parents would love to hear all about it."

Mr. G: [looks at me then back to the cops] "You're mistaken, officers. This girl is part of the graduating class and they have no more classes. She was probably coming to get her last report card."

Me: "I told them that but they don't believe me."

Cop 1: "Well, what were thinking walking around during school hours?"

Me: "I was thinking I wish I had a car so I didn't have to walk in 80-degree weather."

Realizing they were in the wrong, the cops apologized to me and I went with Mr. G to get my report card. He was that really cool teacher everyone should have at least once in high school. He told me in a whisper, "The NWA was right. Fuck the police."

That cheered me right up. He saw I was still shaken and gave me a hug. The cops were still by the door and offered to take me home to make up for their folly. I reluctantly agreed but not before Mr. G got their names before leaving. He also told me to call the school and ask for him as soon as I got home.

I had the cops drop me off at the brick apartments near my house instead of telling them where I actually lived. I went into the lobby and waited until they were long gone before walking the rest of the way home. I sank to the floor in the foyer and just cried. I called the school and told Mr. G I was ok. He was glad to hear it and just ranted on how ridiculous the whole thing was.

I never told my parents about it and only told a few friends. The friend who reminded me of it said that if this had happened today with all the BLM protests, odds of me getting shot dead then and there were insanely high. Part of me disagrees with him because lots of kids in my small town skipped school and only the less than careful ones got caught.

I assume these questions may come up if anyone thought to ask:

"Why did you get in the police cruiser after that?"
I was an awkward timid girl who did poorly with confrontation. But one thing that is still true to this day is that I'm what I like to call a "domino effect" thinker. I thought that if anything happened to me, Mr. G knew the cops' names and faces, not to mention the school's security cameras.

"Why didn't you ask Mr. G for a ride home?"
This happened around 10:30AM and school got out a little before 3. So by the time he was finished for the day, it would be around 5PM. And I didn't want to wait until after school for the bus that two of my bullies rode as they would see how miserable I was and would want to exacerbate that.

"Why didn't you just walk back home?" I was scared, fatigued and nauseous. I just wanted to get home asap and have a breakdown in the shower.

"What happened with those cops?"
To this day I have no idea.
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2020.09.24 23:18 ch-in-go Hospital (1)

Thursday, 5th February 1998
I was 16 years of age.
Today school ended at 12:00, because of the grade conference. I was not afraid of not passing the probationary period, after all I had achieved a grade point average of about 1.5. On the way to the bathroom I had the crucial thought. Mareike. I will visit her now, it shot through my head. I simply have to visit her now, the opportunity is perfect. So I walked resolutely to the S-Bahn stop and looked at the timetable there. Hmmm - Luitpold hospital, line 1. That will be it. So I took the ticket from my wallet, which I had bought especially for the S-Bahn ride to the station on Friday, validated it and got on the train. I sat down quite far in front, right next to me, but on the other side sat a few schoolmates, among them Alfred. He smiled at me a few times during the ride, well, you know how it is. When Alfred grinned at some other people, Ida told him not to do so, but you know thats Alfreds kind of way.
Almost the whole trip I was fascinated by the S-Bahn route map, until finally, shortly before the main station, an elderly, frail woman got on the train and told me with a simple glance that I should get up to clear her place. No problem, so I simply changed my seat. I went on with the S-Bahn station after station, I entered unknown areas of Würzburg. Finally the hoped-for message "next stop Luitpoldkrankenhaus". My heart began to beat - finally I will see it, finally!
So I got off the train, not knowing if I was at the right place or if I was allowed to visit her at all. The day before I had called the clinic, but a woman said she had only been here as an outpatient. But on this day, today, since I had the opportunity to move around freely in Würzburg so early, I simply set off without any ulterior motives. I acted, as I later felt, like I was in a trance. So I walked blindly down the street, through one of the many entrances that lead to the university grounds. Overwhelmed by the size of the clinic, I walked in without a goal. When I realized that I could not possibly find out for myself which of the 20 clinic buildings she was in, I decided to ask the administration.
I was quite confused when nobody was speaking and I only heard amused voices at the lunch table. A woman in her early 40s suddenly called out to me to come around the counter, then she could help me. With the help of a computer she gave me the information I was hoping for about Mareike's whereabouts. Building 6, guard station. Thanked, left the administration building and set out to find this building. On the first notice board, "building 6 - Surgical Polyclinic" was clearly written. So I followed it, but I walked back and forth several times, scoured all the buildings until I finally, annoyed and without planning, followed a path that led to a hospital. There I finally saw the hoped-for sign: "building 6/7". After I got lost several more times, I finally asked the doorman who could show me the way to guard station A.
So I followed him, but I did not find a door with the inscription "guard station" where I should have rung the bell. So again I waited several minutes until a doctor told me that the recovery room was identical to the intensive care unit. So I walked forward with a beating heart and turned left before the stairs. Two bells. I pressed "Doctor's room". No reaction. Then to the other one. A deep, male voice asked me to identify myself. "I'm here to see someone," was my response. After I said who, the person on the other side told me that they would come in. So I opened the first of the two doors that separated the rest of the hospital from the intensive care unit. There I waited with an anxious heart.
After a few seconds a friendly-looking, bearded man appeared in my field of vision and approached the inner door. He opened it and asked me who I was. I replied, "friend" and stammered something that I can no longer remember now. The doctor was very patient and finally managed to get my name out of me. He said that he had to ask Mareike first if she really wanted to see me. Okay, I thought I understood that. After some more anxious seconds he came back with a positive grin and asked me to change a sterile gown, I left my jacket at the wardrobe, I held my bag in my hand after the doctor had put me on it.
With an indescribable feeling I followed this incredibly trustworthy person. How will she feel? How will she react to my visiting her now? At last I will know the reason.
I don't remember who opened the door to her room or if it was already open, I only know that for the first time in my life I had consciously experienced a shock. I had to be in the wrong room. But before I was able to think, this human there shouted a hearty "Hi!!!" at me. I don't remember when I noticed that a nurse was in this room, so I mention this here. I walked towards the bed and reached out my hand to this person and greeted him with a short "Hello".
I just stared at her. Suddenly she said something that I did not understand acoustically, but I interpreted it as "Who are you? Oh God, please no, anything but that, oh God! She must not have forgotten me! Suddenly the nurse who was working around threw in something that corresponded to "Come around, you can talk to her better here".
I unconsciously put my bag down in front of the bed and followed the nurse's instructions without thinking. Walking around the bed, I realized for the first time that it was really her. But her face had changed so radically that I would not have thought it possible. She repeated her question. Now I understood it. "Why are you visiting me?" She seemed to add: "What have I done to deserve a visit? I replied that this was absolutely natural and that it was clear to me from the beginning that I would visit her one day. Her face was terribly swollen, she had great difficulty speaking.
The next thing I noticed was her slow reaction. All at once - I was simply overwhelmed for the first few seconds.
"How did you even get here?" was her next question. I told her that I live here in Würzburg now and go to school there. We continued to talk about how much I like school, and then she wanted to find out what I do on the weekend. "Where do you go on weekends? Booze, I know you." I told her that I'd rather meet with Chris, whereupon she replied: "Oh yeah, drinking with Chris, so to speak."
I thank you, God, was my next thought - she hadn't gotten anything mentally. Thank you! "Who told you?" was her next question. I told her the truth, namely that Sven had called me the day after it happened. I couldn't hold myself back any longer. "But now I want to ask you something," it burst out of me. She looked deep into my eyes. Actually, we just looked at each other the whole time, probably longer than ever before. Now I could not hold it back anymore. The only thing I could ask was, "Why?
"I don't know." I expected everything, but this? Somehow it sounded convincing and I believed her. I just kept staring at her. Suddenly pity came over me, deep, all-embracing pity. If I took her hand, wouldn't she say, "Hey, what are you doing?" Besides, the nurse was still in the room. I asked her, "Is there always someone here with you?" She replied that she was alone most of the time, but that she could always call someone if she wanted to. I had to distract myself, I talked to her about food. "Well, what are you allowed to eat. Everything?" I asked, still dazed, confused and unable to get the situation under control. She replied, "I am not allowed to eat anything. I get everything through this tube," while she pointed to her nose. That sounded logical after I heard it, with a broken jaw it has to be this way.
Suddenly the nurse left the room. Courage flared up inside me. Should I really dare... touch her hand? I had never done that before, in fact, any approach of this kind before her "accident" would have been absolutely unthinkable. Carefully I felt her fingers, and embraced her hand. She responded by inspecting my fingers. She muttered something that sounded as if she was wondering why my fingers seemed to be quite large compared to hers.
I held her hand for several seconds, and suddenly I realized somehow that she could not possibly have reacted with rejection. She simply needed someone to show that he was standing by her. I even went so far as to stroke her hand a little. But what does that mean, "go far". What I did was the most obvious thing in the world, simply giving comfort without words. After a few seconds, I asked her if she had cut her pulse beaters on both sides. She raised both arms as if to show that she preferred this gesture to speaking. I saw that she had cut her pulmonary artery horizontally twice on both sides, four times in all. All sewn up.
So for quite a while I stood by her bed, grabbed her hand, looked at her, and thought that she was beautiful. She was loved for her beautiful character, and I didn't care about her appearance. She said, I can't quite put my finger on it in terms of time, "I'm sorry if I drool, but I can't feel my mouth. I could say nothing but the truth: "Believe me, I don't mind that at all.
She also showed me her legs once, I reacted before she could pull the blanket away, as if I couldn't stand the sight, that was rather rash. But it was not as bad as I thought. Just scars, many scars. I'm not sure if she really noticed that I held her hand for so long, but it was the communication of two bodies, and it helped me a lot to realize that she needs me now.
Suddenly a whole crowd of nurses and doctors rushed in, talking something about "washing" and "examining" and sent me outside the door. Time to think. I like her, more than ever, why, I don't know. She needs contact with people, I want to help her as much as I can. Finally there is a real sense for me to live in Würzburg. I will now visit her as often as possible. I feel that a bond exists, or is developing, between the two of us. A trace of sadness suddenly came up in me, but it would never have been enough to make me cry, but an unhappy, helpless look could not be avoided. After a few minutes the sisters called me back in.
There were a few of these people who simply said everything they thought. "Mareike, why don't you offer your guest a chair?" I had trouble drowning out her screams to tell her that she had already done so. So I put the chair down in front of her bed and sat down. Meanwhile we looked at each other again (as usual). Every now and then she said "Tell me something", to which I could only answer "I'm sorry, but I really don't know anything more". I was sorry, I would have loved to talk about something to distract her a little, but I couldn't.
Then I jokingly told her "By the way, pulse arteries have to be cut lengthwise. She looked at me, I can't say how, but she looked at me. Oh dear, she got it in the wrong neck. I grinned and said to clear my conscience: "That was a joke!" I think that now that she had understood what I wanted, she would have grinned if she had been able to. And finally she added: "Thank you, I will remember!" I still felt a little guilty, though, and so I said, "I'm really glad you didn't catch anything mentally." To this she responded with irony: "Yes, I'm still just as stupid as before."
Actually, it's insane if I write this down now, how much we have talked, or how many impressions I have collected in this short time.
After we had been silent for about a minute, I said again, "Unfortunately I really don't know anything". She replied, and I remember this very fondly: "Never mind." As if she wanted to say that just the fact that I was there was enough.
Several times, by the way, I also said, "We can do that!" To which she reacted quite confidently and even said once: "It's carnival soon." Oh dear, she hasn't quite understood yet that her recovery might take a year or longer. But wait and see.
But finally she said that if I couldn't think of anything else to say, then maybe I could go and come back later. So I got up and said goodbye with a handshake. But suddenly she did something that I did not expect, but which I did not think about at that moment. She raised her arms and stretched them out to me. A basic human gesture: "Hold me tight! Help me! I need you!" I leaned over her and hugged her. Not for long, for two or three seconds at most, but in retrospect this was the absolute proof to me that it was important to visit her. This short embrace said more than a thousand words. She seemed to say: "Thank you for thinking of me" and "Come back soon, I need you!"
About half a year later I will notice that I fell in love with her at that moment.
Totally confused I walked around the bed, picked up my bag, looked back. "Bye!" we both said again, and then I left the room. She had given me a wonderful gift, an incredible and unforgettable memory.
So I walked up to the space in between and took off my gown. Suddenly one of the nurses, the one who had been in Mareike's room at the beginning, came into the space and we talked. I said that although she had changed on the outside, she had remained the same on the inside, and that I thought she had a zest for life again. I also told her that I had never thought of Mareike that she could do such a thing. The nurse didn't really tell me anything new, except that she thinks Mareike is a little stubborn and that the nurses have a hard time getting close to her. So I talked to her for a few minutes, then I left the hospital, then the university campus, and finally I took the streetcar to just outside Königsberger Straße and walked up to the home.
It took me more than two hours to write down these thoughts, it is now four o'clock twenty-seven. But it was worth it!
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2020.09.24 19:25 Anschnallpflicht I don‘t fit in, what can I do?

I know, thats a dumb question. Many people asked that before and the answer is always the same: find likeminded people.
But my problem is: I cant find likeminded people
Im a indian man born in germany to first generation immigrants.
There are only few indian immigrants living in germany.
I cant speak the language of my ancestors and I am not religious in any way, my relatives and the indian communty in germany are religious and can speak indian fluenty.
I cant establish any connection to indians, because their culture is a bit alien and too conservative.
I also happen to be homosexual and thats still a taboo in our circles, so people form the country of my parents arent a good choice for me.
So what can I do?
Befriend with germans? Works better than with indians,(I can befriend them, but not deeply as i wanted to be) but there are still too many differences.
I changed my personality for my schoolmates in order to befriend them, but that took me down on a mental level. I was friends with them, but only superficial and fake. Now I dont wanna change myself, but then i wont find a group to fit in.
What can I do?
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